Response To Intervention: Service Delivery Options

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Response to intervention (RTI) is an assessment procedure that consists of a multi-step approach to progressively intensive intervention and monitoring within general education for purposes of improving achievement outcomes and accurately recognizing students with learning disabilities. Components of the RTI process include universal screening, multi-tiered levels of support, evidence-based intervention, and using students' responsiveness to evaluate the status of their progress (Jenkins, Schiller, Blackorby, Thayer, & Tilly, 2013). Universal screening measures for students are not likely to result in definite identification for special education. Before students are placed they must be correctly identified with a precise assessment procedure. Many students who are at risk, or struggle academically are assessed with the RTI model to prevent failure and determine eligibility of services. Students, who are identified as at-risk for reading difficulties are provided with additional instructional interventions, also known as tier two intervention, in addition to their regular curriculum instruction. Students with persistently insufficient response to tear two interventions are given more intensive interventions at tier three levels (Denton, Vaughn, Tolar, Fletcher, Barth, & Francis, 2013). These interventions provided are specific to each individual students needs and implemented in accordance to recommendations from their teachers. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the reading curriculum focusing especially on tier two and tier three instructional interventions of the RTI model.
The observed reading curriculum is implemented in an inclusion language arts education classroom in an Ohio public middle school. There are nineteen students in the class with three being identified for special education, and two others who are considered at-risk of failure and needing special education services. The types of disabilities among the three students in this class include autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and two cases of specific learning disorder, which are all serviced in this classroom. Collaborative teaching is used for the instruction of the class. One teacher is a general educator and the other is a special educator referred to as an intervention specialist.
The teachers have the obligation of instructing the daily activities and assignments of the class. They are responsible for implementing the curriculum and monitoring students’ progress throughout the duration of the class. As intervention specialist, the special educator facilitates the interventions by providing small group direct instruction for the five students who need additional assistance, and individual work for each student as needed for in class assignments. Individualized approaches take a more clinical approach, allowing a teacher to more precisely target the needs of specific learners based on diagnostic assessments (Denton et al., 2013). The five identified students routinely work...

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