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Response To Kate Chopin's "Ripe Figs"

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Response to Kate Chopin's "Ripe Figs"Kate Chopin's "Ripe Figs," leaves my mind searching for more. I do not feel satisfied after reading and re-reading this story. A little girl name Babette lives with her godmother Maman Nainaine. Kate Chopin, I believe, is trying to depict the differences between a young girls view on time an older woman views. Babette is a young girl who can't wait for the figs to ripen. Is this because she wants to eat the figs? No, it is because Maman Nainaine told her she can visit her cousins on the Bayou-Lafourche when the figs have ripened. You can see the seasons changing ...view middle of the document...

It is just the opposite for someone who is just beginning to "ripen." The author states that Babette is "restless as a humming bird," while the godmother is "patient as the statue of la Madone." This shows that the more "ripe" we are, the better we are at waiting for something. Can you remember a time when you were young that you had to wait for something? Did time seem to pass slowly? If you had to wait for the same thing now in your more mature state, would it feel the same?I was not given the chance to slowly ripen. Forced to mature at the age of thirteen, I feel cheated. Oh how I would love the chance to be in Babette's shoes, although Babette would probably long to be in mine. I feel that I am a bruised fruit who was taken from the tree too early.I found this story hard to respond to. Although I can see deeper meanings, I did not feel that I connected with this author. I do not like the "holes" in the story. There is so much more that could be said here. I especially do not like that I was left "hanging" in the end. What happens next? Did Babette go on her visit? Was it worth the wait?Chopin is saying that good things are worth waiting for. I must agree with her on this point. Although a butterfly is beautiful, it started as an ugly little worm who had to go through the stages of growth. I walk away saying "cherish time as it passes slowly, because once you mature, there is no stopping it."

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