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In the 1800s, women in the United States had few legal rights and did not have the right to vote. In 1872, Susan B. Anthony, served on the business committee of the National Women’s Rights Convention and spoke on the necessity of the dissemination of the matter on women’s rights and was arrested for illegally voting. Although, after her arrest and before her trial she got the chance to address her speech in more than 20 places in Ontario and all 29 of the towns and villages in Monroe County, where her trial was held. The purpose of her speech was to fight for women’s voting rights as she herself had voted but was arrested and fined. Anthony’s speech on Women’s Right To Vote is a perfect example of what a good persuasion speech should be. She displays ethos, pathos, and logos in her speech with an intriguing, clearly written introduction, a body that is well put and thought provoking, and a conclusion that beautifully wraps up her ideas and which leaves her audience feeling the importance of her words.
Anthony has her audience in her hand from the beginning of her speech itself. She starts by stating her so called “crime” and adding that she is innocent which is visible in the lines, “I stand before you tonight under indictment for the alleged crime…” By contradicting her opponents in the beginning itself, Susan not only grabs her audience’s attention but also puts herself in a strong position. She then builds on her statement by quoting the preamble of the Federal Constitution, a source that can be definitely determined as a credible one. She uses the quote to secure her point that the country was founded on equality, including the equality of women. She then very smartly moves on to use the quote as a base to prove her point by altering the quote to suit her statement and that me and women together make up the union. Through the line, “And it is a downright mockery … democratic-republican government - the ballot.” she hits the nail on the head by heading straight towards her main objective- voting rights of women. In the next part of the speech, Anthony moves on to state the different global differentiations made based on wealth, education, race etc., but how gender discrimination is the most deleterious as it creates tension and discord in each and every household. This makes the audience understand the importance of the crisis at hand. She makes thee reader understand how other global problems only affect a certain population but how discrimination by sex affects each and every house in the world. Susan sums up her speech with all the power she started with. She touches straight upon the question of ethicality. She asks the one question all countries need to be reminded about when gender discrimination takes place, “Are women persons?” This statement has a really strong effect because it reminds the audience of their humanity. Her speech was very newsworthy, given the fact that it was right after her arrest, and that she was the...

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