Responsibilites Of Us Citizens: Education, Equality, And Selfless Service

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All Americans have rights that are given to them for being American citizens. Children must learn about citizenship to be successful when they are older. Learning about others and their needs broadens one’s view point. The US Constitution was put in place to give everyone equality regardless of race, gender, disability, or social status. The most pressing responsibility that is lacking is sacrifice. Many Americans expect to be given rights but are not willing to make a personal sacrifice for them. In order to maintain rights and liberties, American citizens have three main responsibilities: education, equality and selfless service.
The first responsibility is education. Many parents begin this process when the child is very young. Children learn values even before they know what values are. As a child grows he or she becomes more aware of what is expected of him. Learning she is in control of her words and her actions and that her words and actions affects others. When he lies there are consequences that follow. Sharing is taught as a way to show respect to others. Not getting what she wants when she wants it teaches her self-control. Children learn responsibility if they know what is expected of them. The most basic education begins the building blocks for successful young citizens.
Free formal education is provided as the child continues to grow and expand her mind. In America, there is an increasing separation in the way children receive their education. In “A Tale of Two Schools: How Poor Children Are Lost to the World”, many schools do not have the resources to meet national standards. Mainly inner city schools have classrooms with outdated technology and too many children in the classroom. The teachers are also not able to keep some of the children focused, due to basic needs not being met at home as according to “Where We Stand” (3:30-4:54). These teachers are focused on basic needs and basic skills and the teachers do not have time to teach citizenship. The students may not even be aware they have rights to the country; therefore, they may not realize they have responsibilities to fulfill. In a school where teachers have updated material and technology, they are more likely to teach about rights and responsibilities of citizenship. The children are more likely to apply what they learn and become better citizens. Free education teaches different ideas about the responsibilities of education.
Education is not only taught in school. Children that are raised in a home without learning about their rights and responsibilities must obtain them elsewhere. All children are being directly influenced by their peers who could lead them down the wrong path. Sports and other activities teach teamwork, teambuilding, striving for personal achievements, and character. Character building is a large part of citizenship. When a person stops looking at only himself and begins to understand that he is part of something much greater, this benefits...

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