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Nowadays, translation is no longer a one-person endeavor but requires multiple participants to collaborate on the same project. Each team member plays a different role and contributes to promoting the effectiveness of a translation task. This project is to perform the translation workflow in an industrial scenario. The group consists of one project manager who is in charge of the whole process, one or two translators and one terminologist for each language pair. The author is allocated as the first translator in the English-Chinese language pair by the project manager. In this project, SDL Trados Studio 2014 provides a complete translation environment so that the team can work collaboratively and access shared resources such as project files, centralised terminology and relevant translation memories.

Responsibilities as a Translator
Translator mainly produces an initial output of the document. In this project, the ...view middle of the document...

Besides, the termbase was automatically added to the project when the translator opened the package. He or she then took suggestions of the term hits provided by the terminologist. When there was any disagreement with the term choice, the translator then contacted with the terminologist to discuss it or if necessary, asked the project manager if there were some prescribed specific terms to use. The formatting of the source document was also retained in translation. After the initial draft was completed, the translator then proofread his or her part to ensure that there were no unintentional lapses, misunderstanding issues or linguistic problems. Afterwards, verification was run by the translator to double-check inconsistencies, extra spaces and punctuation issues.
Finally, the translator created a return project file for the project manager and delivered a new project package file containing the memory, termbase and the project file to the next translator as scheduled. The translator also compiled a list of changed terms and sent it to the project manager, terminologist and the second translator for reference.
The role as a translator is generally the same as what the author did before except that the group work conforms to a stricter workflow and time plan to accelerate efficiency and productivity. The whole translation practice is broken into several steps, from term compilation, document translation to quality assurance; each step needs to be completed within a certain amount of time as specified by the project manager. Moreover, the role in the group setting involves more cooperation and communication with the project manager, terminologist and other translators. The translator not only deals with linguistic issues by consulting English native speaker, acquiring relevant resources but also connects with other team members to share understanding and solve any problem encountered.

SDL Trados Studio 2014
SDL Trados Studio 2014 introduces a new fresh interface and smarter navigation (SDL, 2014).

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