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Responsibilities Of Care Uk's Management Team

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This essays aim is to show Care UK’s background, stakeholders and the organisation’s structure to provide more information on how the organisation operates. It will also present goals and objectives and the managerial responsibilities in order to achieve them.

Care UK is a company which deals with provide support and care to assist people live their lives independently. It is a very responsible task which requires their staff to have excellent communication skills. This report will present more information on this subject. (Care UK ,2014)

Care UK is an organization with over 30 years experience in running care homes and providing health and social care. Currently the organisations owns about 85 residential homes and supports about 17.000 service users through care and support. The organisation’s purpose is to provide the best service for residents who need support with their day to day activities and to help resident's live a more independent and fulfilling lives.
The company’s success can be attributed to contribution of their stakeholders; Managers, Service users, Life Skills Support Workers, Employees, Government department, GP centres, Hospitals, Suppliers, Relatives (Care UK ,2014).

The organisation’s customers are the service users; each resident is different and need to have the right care and care plan provided. Care UK provides six types of cares which includes:
• Dementia care – some residents are living with dementia, a unique approach was developed by this organisation to ensure the life skills support workers are well trained and prepared for providing professional care and support. (Care UK. n.d)
• Day care- these are clubs which are focused on stimulating a home environment it helps to socialise with new people and is a huge engagement in a range of activities. (Care UK. n.d)
• Respite care- is introduced for families who are providing care to their relatives. Tthe respite care service providers visit their homes to provide professional care. This gives the resident’s families time for a deserved rest as care could be tasking. (Care UK. n.d)
• Nursing care- is also provided as every resident is different and some of them have special requirements and care plans. The organisation’s team of nurses are prepared do give professional medical care. (Care UK. n.d)
• Complex care- is based on giving care to those with “complex, unstable or unpredictable health needs”. (Care UK. n.d)
• End of life care – Care UK gives respect and dignity to those who are at the end of their lives. In these cases, sensitive care is required. The organisation has been awareded a Gold Standard framework for excellence in this type of care. (Care UK. n.d)

Organisation’s structure charts helps to meet the objectives and guides the employees. It is also advantageous in dividing functions of a company or department as well as helps to show the relationship between staff members. This is beneficial as it helps to understand...

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