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Responsibilities Of Presidents Essay

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The President may not have many constitutionally enumerated powers but should always be consulted on decisions made concerning the country. According to some, “presidents today serve many important functions in the American political system. Noting these varied roles political scientist Clinton Rossiter referred to the many different “hats” that the president must wear during the course of a week or even during a day.”(Dautrich \ Yalof 182)
In spite of his inadequate express powers, the President has the capability to rapidly respond to unforeseen emergencies. As commander in chief of the armed forces the president does not have the ability to solely declare war but in times of emergency he has the executive power to send a small number of troops in hostile areas for less than 60 days. As chief executive, Presidents can grant reprieves or pardons. “Page 184 “The founders vested this power in the chief executive because they believed that the prerogative of mercy, on which the pardon power is based, is most effectively and equitable exercise by a single individual, as opposed to a body of legislators or judges.” (Dautrich and Yalof 184) As chief diplomat the president can make treaties but they call for two- thirds of the Senate approval. So basely his powers are limited to discussing treaties with other countries. As chief diplomat the president can assign ambassadors, ministers, and consuls to embody America in foreign countries.
As head of state, head of government, chief diplomat, commander in chief, and chief legislator the President seems to have his hands full. .Being head of state means, the President is responsible for meeting and greeting all foreign Presidents, ambassadors and ministers. Sometimes the president obligated to entertain these individuals with a white house formal dinner. As chief legislator, the president plays a huge role in the lawmaking process. “The president’s legislative authority also includes the constitutional...

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