Responsible Consumer And Traveler Essay

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With the emerging channels to obtain travel information, people from different social classes have more outbound travelling experiences compared with those who lived decades ago. This phenomenon can be proved by prosperous tourism industries in all regions including both developing and developed countries. Living in 21th century, I am one of the beneficiaries from technological developments such as invention of aircrafts and fuels bring convenience to worldwide tourists. It serves as a driving force towards my graduation trip to Taiwan which will be used as an example to illustrate the impacts of consumption in travelling, food and gifts. This reflective essay aims to investigate the ...view middle of the document...

Graduation trips has become a growing trend among high school graduates and undergraduates proven by a research conducted by Huang, Low and Lim (2009). Seventy-five percent of university graduates would take either short-or long-distance trips despite economic recession at that time. The survey results proved that final-year students perceive graduation trips as a “tradition” and reveal travelling as a growing phenomenon between soon-to-be graduates (Huang, Low, & Lim, 2009). Ordinary people are generally aware of their own interests and travelling is regarded as part of daily consumption (World Travel Organization, 2013). However, travelers like us would probably neglect the corresponding carbon footprint on environment and climate changes during journeys.
Travelling by air is perhaps one of the most common modes of transport. Although it is an efficient way to travel from one end to another end of the world, carbon emission from airplanes is unexpectedly huge. According to the figures of Air Transport Action Group (2012), aviation accounts for 689 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emission and each long haul flight contributes to more than 2 tonnes of greenhouse gases. It seems to be trivial if we travel once in a year or have graduation trips once in a life time. There would be significant amount of carbon emission owing to air transport unless we make efforts to reduce unnecessary long distance travels.

Secondly, I will explain the negligence of eco-friendly food containers. Before vacations, tourists like us will prepare a list of restaurants providing gourmet dishes which are highly recommended by locals and travelers. Moreover, I would like to explore local cuisines which can only be found in Taiwan because tasting native food is a kind of cultural exchange. For example, night markets are distinctive tradition in Taiwanese daily lives. Henceforth, majority visitors to Taiwan would look for a wide variety of indigenous food such as baby oyster omelets and crispy salt chicken. I had also queued for a chained food store and I felt guilty after my visit. Ay-Chung Floured-Rice Noodle has become a tourists attraction in Taipei and the doorstep of restaurant are filled with dozens of people. Due to a large number of visitors, it serves us with disposable food containers, utensils and chopsticks regardless of dine in or take away. In spite of speeding up each purchase, the restaurant had used plastic food cutlery sets and boxes to serve. Nevertheless, it is neither eco-friendly nor a responsible consumption. Compared with normal eateries in Taiwan, they will provide recyclable food containers and utensils like paper-made ones. But this noodle restaurant consumes a large quantity of unrecyclable and unsustainable materials because there are a large number of visitors.
As a responsible customer, we should consider environmental influences behind each consumption. The chances of tasting foreign dishes are unique and may exist once in a...

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