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How many of you get eight hours of sleep? So why do you still wake up tired? Maybe you’re not really resting. Sleep might be something you’re dreaming about, but that’s not enough to make you bright-eyed and mentally sharp.
As a result, you need rest, which isn’t the same as sleep. “Passive rest, (sleep and napping), we need active rest, a conscious resting of your mind, body and spirit. Getting rest whether it’s active or passive is no easy task” (Edlund, 2010). According to the National Institutes of Medicine, up to 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep deprivation.
For the most part, people perform well with only seven or eight hours, but varies from person to person. ...view middle of the document...

Dr. Edmund Jacobson, Ph.D., developed a technique called progressive muscle relaxation. It works by focusing on one muscle group at a time. “Find the tensest part of your body. Sit down comfortably and touch that area; touching it focuses your attention on that area. Put your arms and hands down at your sides. Close your eyes and focus on the tense area. Don’t try to relax the area, just notice it, feel it, and sense the tension for five to ten seconds. Open your eyes and notice how the rest of your body relaxed while you focused on the tense area” (Jacobson, 1930). “The paradox is that the part of the body you’re paying attention to may not relax at all, but the rest of the body does” (Jacobson, 1930). After you focus on one tense area, move to another. Make sure to include muscles you’ve never noticed before.
On the other hand, now that you are relaxed, and you like to take vacations, the United States (US) isn’t the place to work. The typical American worker bee receives two to three weeks of precious vacation time out of the whole year to relax and see the world which is much less than other people receive in other countries. Even with that amount of vacation, it comes with strings attached. “Some US companies don’t like employees taking off more than one week at...

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