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After reading “Frequency of Restaurant Advertising Strategies: Exploring an Urban Market” I have learned interesting facts about ten advertising and promotion strategies used by various urban restaurants. The ten areas included food and beverage displays, advertising specialties, food samples, electronic or internet resources, newspaper advertising, radio advertising, directory advertising, direct mail, coupons, and frequent diner programs. As a marketing manager I do not feel the sample size or population size gives an accurate response rate to the survey conducted.
Out of 500 members of the Urban Texas Restaurant Association a random selection of 224 potential participants were asked to participate in a phone survey. The phone survey had two major objectives, one was first to study promotion and advertising strategies that was used by urban restaurateurs as well as evaluate the perceived benefit from each of the strategies used. Only 89 out of the 224 phone surveys were completed making the response rate 39.7%. “Full service restaurants accounted for 65.5% of the respondents and Quick Service accounted for 20%. Independent restaurants accounted for 84.4% of the respondents and franchise restaurants accounted for 10%”. (Jackson, Titz, & DeFranco, 2004)
Demographic variables in the restaurants varied from restaurant operation, business format, style of service, restaurant longevity, percent of repeat customers, number of seats and average per person guest check. Each variable had a different impact on advertising and promotions used that benefits their establishment. Every business has advertising budgets and is used differently based on years in business and money allotted for their advertisement. Collateral advertisement consists of menu inserts, fliers, brochures, and press kits. Businesses that are newer depend on a prime advertising of frequent diner promotional material, menus, and fliers for advertisement. Business in longevity of years tends to have advertisement with collateral costs with specialty merchandise, press kits and brochures. Both new and older restaurants may offer price discount specials such as buy one get on free or half off promotions which helps build local clientele while building market share. Internet and direct mail is a promotional strategy used to generate revenue with already established clientele.
Which such a vast array of restaurant spectrums from price points, customer check average, independent or franchise has many demographic variables and different marketing techniques worked different based on their establishment made the survey very sporadic. Across the board a promotional medium included the internet and electronic resources. Radio was the least used. Restaurants with larger seating capacity used internet media more and found to be more beneficial in larger operations. Franchise operations used radio while 78.9% independent restaurants never used radio for advertising. Franchises...

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