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Restoring An Old Truck Essay

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Most people think that there is a set way of doing things when it comes to restoring a truck. Take it apart, fix it up, and put it back together. In a sense, this is the basis of how to go about it. Restoring a truck is a very involved process and can be approached many different ways, in which there are a different set of steps to take for each method. Depending on what condition the truck is in and what the truck will be used for all go into the decision making process. This is a very important decision which will have an effect on the outcome of a truck. There is no right or wrong way of doing this (Gunnell, “Practical”.)
If there is interest in restoring a truck and have yet to find one the best advice is to look everywhere. Anytime when out and about look on streets, alleys, body shops, junk yards, farms or any other places that might have a truck sitting around. If there is a specific truck in mind the Internet is the best option. The only downfall to this option is that these trucks will be all over the country so traveling will become a problem (Gunnell “Chevrolet” 196).
When purchasing a truck, make sure that it is the right truck. Don’t get a truck that is too challenging. The price is also an important topic to be discussed. Don’t pay too much but also don’t pay too little for a truck that looks too good to be true for it most likely is (Gunnell “Chevrolet” 196).
After getting a truck, a set of standards needs to be established which will help one decide what approach to attempt. What are the plans for the truck. Will it need to be top of the line so it can compete in many classic truck shows; or will it be the family truck that goes from point A to point B.
There are many different approaches in restoring a truck. Partial, rolling, hot rod, hybrid, and nuts and bolts restoration are a few of the different method. The two basic types of restoration are the rebuilding approach and a complete restoration approach (Brownell 16-17). All of the other approaches branch off of these two.
The rebuilding approach is a combination of the partial and rolling methods. This is meant for the people wanting to drive their truck while fixing it up. This will work best for the family restoration project. This spreads the stress and cost of a complete restoration because not all of it will be done at once. Only one part of the truck will get fixed at a time, allowing the truck to be driven. Another perk of this method is that it takes up a lot less space in the shop, because the truck will never be completely disassembled. This also is more likely to retain historical value, because when only fixing parts of the truck, it is less likely to change the overall look (Brownell 16, 17).
The main goal is to bring the truck back to its original quality both phenotypically and genotypically. Basically, this means to not only make it look nice but be sure that it is healthy on the inside as well. More people are likely to stop and...

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