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The heart is the central innermost part of us that keeps us alive. Ironically, this that gives all creatures life is the same thing that destroys us in the end. Whether it be that our hearts beat so fast that we fear rest like the hummingbirds, or maybe it’s our needs and ambitions that bring us at risk with death. All creatures have the ambition to live, and the need for food, love, and life. However when you love you are vulnerable, when your rest you are vulnerable, and vulnerability is the greatest restriction of the heart. Perhaps we are never made free until our hearts are stilled.
The Blue Whale, as Doyle writes, has an enormous heart. Doyle suggests that love is an integral part of their lives when he says “the animals with the largest hearts in the world generally travel in pars” (792). Though it seems like the whales should be happy with their partners and their large hearts, “their penetrating moans, cries, their piercing yearning tongue, can be heard underwater for miles and miles.” (792). The heart of the blue whale allows them to feel immense love toward their partner whale; however they also feel unrelenting, constant pain. Yes their hearts allow them to feel love, but it also forces them to live in constant agony, sustaining and slowly killing them at the same time. Love restricts the blue whales heart and opens them to vulnerability and inflicts pain on their hearts.
Humans build up metaphorical walls of their heart to protect themselves with the knowledge that it will inevitably crumble due top human emotion, leaving the human more vulnerable then before. Doyle uses the metaphor of the heart as a house to explain that, “while we open windows” to many “we live alone in the house of the heart.” Humans are “utterly open with no one.” Because they are afraid of vulnerability “could not bear to be so naked, for fear of a constantly harrowed heart.”
Humans build up the metaphorical walls of their heart to protect themselves with the knowledge that it will...

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