Restricted Topic: Doping In Track And Field Athletes

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Restricted Topic: Doping in track and field athletes
Narrowed Topic: Impact of doping in track and field athletes
Research Question: What are the physical and mental effects of doping in track and field?
Several track and field athletes all over the world have been known to use enhancement drugs over the years without testing positive, however, in recent times, more and more athletes are being tested positive for enhancement drug use due to the improvements of medical technology. In the book The dirtiest race in history: Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis and the 1988 Olympic 100 final, Richard Moore stated that all of the top five athletes in the 100 meter final were using enhancement drugs, but only one athlete was stripped of his medal. This brings us to the question; do enhancement drugs help an athlete? Enhancement drugs cause negative effect physically, emotionally and socially, hence the percentages of doping victims are still increasing.

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D. Stimulant doping drugs may cause severe migraine, heart attack and strokes.
II. Stimulant doping drugs in track and field athletes have emotional effects on the individual
A. enhancement drugs may cause track and field athletes to suffer from emotional breakdown and this breakdown can cause the athlete to commit suicide.
B. Athletes who use enhancement drugs may suffer from mental anorexia, which is the fear of being overweight by over exercising.
C. Enhancement drugs in track and field athletes may cause the individual to suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder.
D. Athletes who use enhancement may become extra sensitive about thing which may lead to more aggressive behaviour.
III. Social effects pose as problems for track and field athletes who use enhancement drugs.
A. Track and field athletes who use these drugs suffer from anxiety which make the athletes paranoid about niggling matter.
B. Athletes who use enhancement drugs become anti social, in that, they withdraw themselves from social events.
C. Athletes who use performance enhancement drugs are usually pressured by family and financial problems.
D. Athletes who dope suffer from mania.
IV. Conclusion: Performance enhancement causes health and social problems to track and field athletes, but some athletes use enhancement even though they know the risk.
A. The emotion to win may cause an athlete to use performance enhancement even though the risk is high.
B. Society influences athletes to dope, in that, the praise they get after they win so they will do anything to win.
C. The huge amount of money that they will win encourages athletes to use performance enhancement drugs even when health risk is high.
D. The finical issue that some athletes endure encourages athletes to use performance enhancement drugs.
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