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Restricting Cell Phones In Public Places

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Restricting Cell Phones in Public Places
How many times have you seen someone on their cell phones in a restaurant or in a public environment? There have been so many instances when I will be out eating with my family and look over at another table and a person will be in deep conversation on the cell phone, while their family is with them. There are many reasons why restricting cell phones could have a positive outcome. It can be rude to a family, disrespectful to the other people that are around that person, and when a family goes out together it should be family time.
First is the fact that it is rude to a person’s family. When a family plans an event that includes going out in public and having a meal together, it is expected by the family that they will be having conversation and personal time together. Too many times I have seen not only one family member on the phone, but several of them on the phone at the same time. They will either texting, or talking. What happened to having real conversation with one’s family? Our society has totally taken what traditionally was good family time and making it into everyone’s own private phone conversations. Family time has become almost obsolete.
Secondly is the fact that it is very rude to the other people around them. When a person is on the phone they can become very loud. I have also seen a person be pacing around the restaurant with their phone in their hand talking constantly, or they have an earpiece in and it looks like they are talking to themselves. It is very distracting for the other people dining in the restaurant. It also can be invasive to their privacy. Many people will try to have some conversation with the people they are having a meal with. Business people often use the restaurants as a place to have meetings. It is very distracting for these people, because it is disruptive to them, when they...

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