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Restricting Pro Ana Blogs Essay

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Eating disorders are psychological disorders characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habit (Nilsson 1).They are self-destructing disorders that either cause excessive eating or limitations on eating, seeing as the disorder is not one that is most pleasant, one would find it hard to imagine that there is a whole online community that promotes the disorder to millions of others with little to no restrictions. This community is known as ‘pro-ana’ or ‘pro-anorexia’. For years ‘pro-ana’ blogs have floated around the inter webs without rules and regulations. Many youths go to websites such as Tumblr and they spend hours looking at images of skinny models and anorexic ‘Tumblr girls’. In this way they themselves begin to lower their own self-esteem and in turn begin living the ‘pro-ana lifestyle’ which includes extreme food restrictions, insane workouts, and punishments if they intake too many calories. The idea of ‘pro ana’ is bad as it is but actually choosing to live that way in order to become skinny is even worse. Because of the harmful nature of ‘pro-ana’ blogs, it would be better if they were supervised and, on occasion where they go too far, terminated.
“Pro-ana” is the promotion of anorexia nervosa as a lifestyle choice rather than a mental ailment. The creators of these blogs provide tips, tricks, and support for those wanting to live with anorexia. The blogs are dedicated to encouraging young women to further their disorder. They cause women to fall into a consistent, reoccurring pattern of destruction, and this ideology is all too easily accessible to women who suffer from eating disorders. ‘Pro-ana’ blogs are detrimental and because of the negative effects on the physical and psychological health of young women, these blogs and websites could be closely monitored by website administrators to ensure their product is not adversely affecting people with eating disorders.
Pro-ana blogs are a tenacious type of support group for women with eating disorders that simplify adverse thoughts and behavior. Claire Mysko, an advisor to the National Eating Disorders Association, says, "Young people who are prone to disordered eating are generally plagued with insecurity and feeling very isolated, so this world of ‘pro-ana’ provides a community and a sense of belonging, and authenticates their practices. But regrettably, it does so in a way that promotes incredibly unhealthy and dangerous behavior” (Gregoire 1). As Mysko notes, these blogs steadily offer tips and tricks for women to further their condition. The blogs are injurious and promote a morbid, life-threatening mental disorder to a community that is fundamentally insecure and therefore requires support. According to Jennifer Curry and Shannon Ray, authors of "Starving For Support: How Women With Anorexia Receive 'Thinspiration' On The Internet," “individuals suffering from anorexia may be particularly attracted to support groups on the Internet that will foster pro-anorexia behaviors as they...

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