Limiting The Use Of Social Media By Teens

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There has always been controversy as to whether parents should limit the use of social media. Social media can be private therefore parents shouldn’t limit the use by teenagers.Upsides to social media are specific interests, like-minded individuals, and provides a new tool to reach students, however there are down sides such as predators exposure to impress, and mental health care issues.Cyber-bullying just as some people are bullied in life, people are bullied online ( Caring for Kids 2 ). Talking to children about cyber-bullying can help to stopping violent or sexually explicit. Sexting is used to describe sending sexually explicit messages, photos, or videos between cell phones ( Caring for Kids 3 ) Talking about the dangers of sexting can help with anything to lead to a negative action.Online social networking can expose you to legal repurcussions ( Online Social Networking ) Being cautious about information you provide online, and make sure you’re the only one using your online identity. An Internet social network can help you find like-minded individuals ( Online Social Networking ) Social Network can help find like-minded individuals and make connections. You can use a network to promote specific interest ( Online Social Networking ) Help connect with other people who share your interest, and find resources to gather and share information. Social networking provides a new tool to reach students and audience ( Online Social Networking ) Social network makes it possible to get virtually instantaneous feedback. Teens should be allowed to use media sites ( Online Social Networking 2 ) Social networking sites are a fun way for teens to communicate, but they can also ruin reputations or expose your children to danger. Make sure your child can follow these rules before opening the door to social networking sites. Monitoring Kid’s Social Networking Websites ( Online Social Networking ) Don’t feel like a snoop when you’re checking your child’s use of social networking websites. Nothing posted on the web is truly private, so you’re free to investigate. Being able to unfriend people you don’t know ( Online Embarrassment ) They won’t be alerted to the change. But be careful you could hurt a real friend if you unfriend them over something dumb. Do not post anything you don’t want online that you don’t want the world to see ( Online Embarrassment ) But if you do post something you regret, then take it down right away. There are options on all social networking sites for removing material. Find out where they are and use them if need to. Dealing with embarrassment online ( Online Embarrassment ) If someone else’s post embarrasses you, what should you do? If you decide to post a response, keep it as short and friendly as possible. Adding too much extra information could make it worse. Online people who like to trolly ( Online Embarrassment ) Internet trolls are people who like to stir up trouble. They purposely leave hurtful and abusive messages or make...

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