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Chart 1.0: The Age Distribution of Our Samples

After we set up a survey using the online survey service Survey Monkey, and distribute the survey through Facebook, we received 42 responses. The above chart shows the result we got from our first question, which aim to find out the age group of our samples.

From the chart, we can see that most of our samples are made up of people of age 18 – 24, which made up of almost 95.24% (40 out of 42) of our samples. There are only 2.38% (1 out of 42) of the samples are aged between 25 to 34 and another 2.38% (1 out of 42) is from the age group of 75 or older.

Hence, we can conclude that this survey is mostly answered by the students in UTP.

Chart 1.1: The Religion Distribution of the Sample

From the chart, we can see that most of our samples are Muslim, which made up of 47.62% (20 out of 42) of the samples. This is followed by Buddhist, which cover another 23.81% (10 out of 42) of the samples. Next, 14.29% (6 out of 42) of the samples are Christian, followed by Other Religion, which consist of 9.52% (4 out of 42) of the samples. Sikhism and Taoism made up 2.38% (1 out of 42) of the samples respectively.

However, the result does not comply with our research as the major religion of the samples is Islam instead of Christian in our research. This can be explained by the population in Malaysia. This is because Malaysia is an Islamic country, and most of the citizens are Muslim. Hence, as our research is done in UTP, the major religion is Islam.

Therefore, we can conclude that our samples have covered all the major religions in Malaysia, which are Islam, Buddhism and Christian. The major religion of our sample is Islam.
Chart 1.3: Philosophy utilized by our samples

From the chart, we can see that the philosophy that is most widely used by our samples is Logic, which consist of 78.57%. This complies with our study which stated that logic is used in the modern world especially in the world of computing. In computing, all the decisions are based on logic. In order to check for the validity of the input, computer programmers always use a logic statement. One example is stated in our literature review, which is a C++ programming statement that checks whether the input is equal to 5.

Apart from that, Libertarianism is also widely used by our samples, which cover the second largest percentage 69.05%. This complies with our study which stated that libertarianism is widely applied. This is because the modern world that we live in is liberal. We have freedom to do everything we want, freedom to speak everything we want and freedom to write anything we want. These freedoms are stated in both the Malaysian constitution and also the universal human right by United Nation. Hence, whenever we do anything we will follow this principle.

In addition, utilitarianism also has a significant utilization in the samples, which constitutes of about 64.29% of the samples. From here we can see that the hypothesis that...

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