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Effects Of The Sugar Revolution Essay

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CARIBBEAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCILCARIBBEAN SECONDARY EDUCATION CERTIFICATESBA RESEARCH PROJECTSubject: Caribbean HistoryProficiency: GeneralExamination Year: 2013Name: Trey CumberbatchStudent ID#:Centre: Alexandra SchoolCentre #: 030001Topic: How did the Sugar Revolution affect life in the West Indies?Teacher: Mr. R.G. ClarkeCONTENTSPART ONE: PREVIEWRationale 3Introduction 4PART TWO: DEMOGRAPHICChanges In the Makeup of the Population 5Diagram - Slaves Imported Annually From 1683 to 1753 6Diagram - Changes in the Racial Makeup of Various Populations 7PART THREE: SOCIALFrom Sparse to Dense Settlements 8A Stratified Society 9PART FOUR: AGRICULTURALFrom Diversified Agriculture to Monoculture 10PART FIVE: ECONOMICChanges in Land Tenure 11Land Prices 12Conclusion 13Bibliography - Book Sources 14Internet Sources 15RATIONALEThe encouraging factor that led to my choosing of the topic "Show how the Sugar Revolution altered life in the West Indies in the 17th century" was my deep interest in the event and the way in which the West Indies was shaken to its core on its advent. However, I am deeply troubled by the fact that many persons are unaware of the significant role that the Sugar Revolution played in the 17th century, or, quite frankly, just see it as trivial. Hence, I saw it as my mandate to inform persons that the Sugar Revolution was perhaps the most important event in Caribbean history. I intend to achieve this through the obtention of information by the analysis of the many changes that were provoked by this event. The utilisation of this information will show how life in the West Indies was subsequently metamorphosed.INTRODUCTIONColumbus' discovery of the New World in the late 15th century led to the establishment of colonies by European powers in that area. Eventually, the introduction of sugar in the Mid-17th century gave rise to what would be known as the Sugar Revolution. Tobacco was originally the cash crop of the New World. However, a number of factors influenced the change from tobacco to sugar, including a decline in world prices and an insatiable demand for it in Europe. Additionally, sugar was convenient, and was the only viable alternative to tobacco. Finally, the Dutch contribution of capital, credit, slaves and sugar expertise was so considerable that it can be said that they engineered the change. Therefore, sugar was an inimitable replacement for tobacco. Life in the West Indies was completely and drastically changed on the arrival of The Sugar Revolution, and there is plenty of evidence to substantiate this claim. Almost immediately, it effected a change in the agricultural practices of the West Indies, the statistical characteristics and the social structure of the population, new forms of land tenure and an increase in land prices.DEMOGRAPHICThe Sugar Revolution is charged with stimulating a "demographic revolution" in the New World. First and foremost, the racial composition of the West Indian colonies was significantly changed,...

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