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Results Of Animal Testing Essay

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In today’s humanity, multitude amounts of animals are mistreated and eradicated during animal testing. Because testing on animals has become a law throughout the world, a lot of scientists have not realized the immortality that has been put upon the animals. Is it fair to test cosmetics and potential carcinogens on animals? During each year, millions of animals are tested on for biomedical research, chemical testing and training (Lee Bowman 2011). Testing cosmetics and chemicals on animals is catastrophic because it is abusive, detrimental and carcinogenic.
Testing cosmetics and chemicals on animals has evolved as disastrous because it is extremely abusive and causes animals to suffer physical pain and psychological distress (Lee Bowman 2011). Over a million animals suffer from extreme physical pain due to animal testing each year. These animals are never taken into consideration of how harmful testing these products is to the animals. Testing on animals causes castigation of wounds, burns and other lacerations to develop a study for healing ("About Animal Testing”). According to Kathy Guillermo, "There aren't many laws that protect animals in labs and the few that there are, are routinely violated at facilities across the country. Most labs have some degree of abuse and neglect” (Lee Bowman 2011). Because animals are consistently begin tested on, they have become psychologically distressed. Unfortunately, researchers in laboratories do not fully comprehend the end results for animals that never receive a long term break from the endless research and analysis.
Cosmetic and chemical testing is detrimental to animals because it is destructive and pernicious to animals. Animals that are tested on go through a series of long term testing that deal with food and water destitution, extended durations of substantial restriction, electric shock and forced swimming for demeanor studies ("About Animal Testing”). These types of testing can become destructive because they can cause a lot of not only physical distress but mental and emotional distress as well. The awareness of how chemicals and cosmetics react to the body is not precisely envisioned on the here and now of human reactions. "Ask the experimenters why they experiment on animals, and the answer is: 'Because the animals are like us.' Ask the experimenters why it is morally OK to experiment on animals, and the answer is: 'Because the animals are not like us.' Animal experimentation rests on a logical contradiction," according to Professor Charles R. Magel (Vegan Peace 2008).
Animal testing has developed into a virulent outbreak in animal experimentations. Testing on animals has resulted into extensively convicted “lethal dose” evaluations, where animals are compelled to consume enormous supplies of an evaluation synthetic to establish what dose generates the end of life ("11 Facts about Animal Testing”). Animal testing results to death in animals because what the body of a human cannot handle does...

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