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Effects Of Law Changes On Tourism Industry

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This essay will discuss how recent changes in the law may impact the tourism industry, because the industry is extremely vulnerable when it faces these emendations in the regulations and this is why politics contributes towards these impacts. Governments constantly introduce different laws which every individual and business must follow or adapt to, organisations often have to change the way they operate due to new policies. These alterations cost lots of capital, in failure to follow the rules, organisations can face prosecution. For example if customers feel that the facility doesn’t meet their needs e.g. wheelchair users in a shop with not lift to access the upstairs section, they may feel discriminated and sue the organisation.

The purpose of laws in the society is to protect the public and organisations as it allows to distinction in what is right and wrong, it also gives the authority to take actions against wrongness. According to Soanes and Stevenson (2006) law is a rule or system recognised by a country or community as regulating the actions of its member and enforced by the imposing of penalties. Howlettt (2010) stated that there are two types of laws: Criminal law which is concerned with offences against society at large crimes persecuted by the states, and these cases, if of non-serious nature, are heard in magistrate court but if of serious nature, they will be heard in the crown courts and tried by jury. Civil law in the other hand is concerned with disputes between private parties, for example consumers and supplies, injured party, issue damage or injunction, and these cases are heard in county court.
Laws have continuously impacted the tourism industry, going back to the deregulation act 1978 that changed the face of commercial aviation by opening up the air and allowing new organisations into the industry, and giving them control over their business to function the way they desire. Before the deregulation act 1978 the government had control over where and when airline were flying, so there was a limit of planes in the air as stated by James (1984). Six year after deregulation, Virgin Atlantic was formed and one year after Ryan air was also formed. The deregulation act illustrates that not only recent laws may impact the industry; it has started from the previous years and not all have bad impact.

Britain is an unwritten constitution, meaning the rules will keep on altering, especially when new government take over the power or when governments joint as one, alike the Coalition agreement, it has convey new regulations such as: strengthen the fight to reduce carbon dioxide emissions under the environmental protection act 2006 (Cameron, D and Clegg, N. 2010). This includes increasing the carbon emission tax and because taxes never stay at a standstill they will keep on spending more and more, as well as spending organisations will soon be told to use only environmental friendly airplanes, so manufactures will have to start...

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