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Effects Of New Developments In Technology

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As new developments in technology are introduced to us every day, many people look
only to the positive effects that the new technology brings. But, there are also many negative
effects that the technological developments have caused. With this new technology comes new
developments in social media. Between extremely advanced technology and social media, social
interactions, education, and safety have been negatively effected by these advancements.
Social interactions are quickly becoming more reliant on technology and social media.
Even though social media sites have made it easier for people to connect with distant friends and
family, it is when you are near those friends and family that the negative effects of social media
and technology begins to show. Social interactions between people, especially teenagers, has
become more and more casual and less sophisticated. Studies have shown that teens in this time
period seem to be "stuck in childhood" because they do not have the same social interactions that
current adults had growing up. Teens are so easily wrapped up in social media, that when they
are physically with their friends, the social interaction is diminished. Not only does social media
and technology effect the social interactions in daily life, but it effects education in a negative
Even though new advancements in technology and social have had a positive effect on
education, there are also negative effects that come along with them. Sites like Google have
become an "easy way out" for students in this day in age. Rather than going to a library and
searching through a book to find what you need to know, students are able to type it into a search
engine and come up with the answer. The amount of papers showing plagiarism has also greatly increased due to the advancements in technology....

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