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Resurrection Of Jesus Essay

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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ"Belief in the resurrection is not an appendage to the Christian faith. It is the Christian faith."(Carey). The Resurrection of Jesus Christ has been a controversial issue, for its credibility dwells within faith and facts. As one takes a closer look into the Resurrection of Christ, we are left to wonder what in fact is the truth. For there is a lack of primary sources, that would otherwise prove and document its validity. From the available literary passages, we are left to assume that the Resurrection of Christ is both fact and faith. In order to believe this event one must believe in the words written in the Bible, and have faith that in what is written is God's words. In our modern society we have ever-increasing trouble believing the resurrection to be true, with our culturally super imposed values and traditions. Through the eyes of our culture, it is not humanly possible to bring back to life a carcass of a deceased person. A more scholarly approach to answering this question will undoubtedly bring about a better discussion. The great rationalist scholars of history best exemplify this scholarly approach.The rationalist scholars claimed that violations of the laws of nature were impossible, that miracles could not happen, and hence sought a natural explanation of the miracle texts. Surprisingly the rationalists accepted a historical basis for the miracle stories in the gospels, but denied that miraculous causation was involved. For example, they affirmed that the disciples really thought they saw Jesus walking on the water, but in fact he was walking on a row of submerged rocks just below the surface of the water. Similarly, the disciples thought that Jesus stilled a storm on the Sea of Galilee, but what rationalist scholars believe actually really happened is that the boat in which they were travelling rounded a headland which cut off the wind just as Jesus said, "Peace be still."The rationalists have many notions as to how the disciples believe that they saw the resurrected Christ. A very popular negative explanation is the hallucination theory. This theory depicts the appearances of Jesus are simply a series of "subjective visions" among his followers, which were possibly triggered by their anguished longing for his presence. Other theories are the following: the no body theory, the no tomb theory. The no tomb theory is what the remainder of this paper will consider as it is the key question in the search for the proof of Jesus' resurrection.The no tomb theory is a central question to the answer of the question if Jesus was indeed resurrected and people witnessed him. The no tomb theory put forth by rationalists has all but been disproven. Skeptics have often argued that no tomb was ever discovered in the first centuries, or any time before the middle ages. The rationalists love to believe that the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the oldest traditional site, was just made up to show to Constantine, or even...

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