Retail Merchandising Essay

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Retail Merchandising

Retail merchandising is a management system of strategic planning and
tactical control, directed toward the financial enhancement of an
inventory and the profitable distribution of that inventory to the
retail consumer. Merchandising enables retailers to make the best use
of space and layout. It creates part of the communication process with
consumers and focuses on layout, design, traffic flow and display
advantage points. It links in with the overall development of a
company’s corporate image and strategies, and fits with the
organisation’s objectives to enhance and promote image. The primary
goal of retail merchandising is to influence the potential customers
to purchase a particular merchandise product at a particular retail
store. The techniques are used to focus customers’ minds on what is
available and enable the customers to move freely from one area to
another and to make the purchasing decisions easier. Visual
merchandising techniques are logical, practical and can be taught to
all of a store's employees. But first the retailer must instill in
employees a sense of ownership of the merchandise.

Body shop was founded by Anita Roddick in 1976, started from one small
shop in Brighton. Today, the Body Shop boasts over 1,900 stores in 50
countries, crossing 12 time zones and selling over 1,000 hair and
skincare products. The body shop plc is famous for creating a niche
market sector hi quality nature inspired skin and hair care products.
It is estimated that The Body Shop sells a product every 0.4 seconds
with over 77 million customer transactions through stores worldwide,
with customers sampling the current range of over 600 products and
more than 400 accessories. There are not many major competitors within
the market. Although other retailers like Boots and Superdrugs do sell
skin and hair care products as well but none of them do produce their
own brand product like Body shop does.

Tesco was founded in 1924 by Sir Jack Cohen. It originally started as
a cheaper retailer but since then has brought in new product ranges
which are of improved quality has helped Tesco enter new markets and
now Tesco is the ninth largest supermarket in the world. Tesco
currently has stores in ten countries and are looking to expand into
other countries. Their competitors include Sainsbury, Safeway, Asda
and all other supermarkets. Moreover, Tesco is the biggest online food
retailer in the world and have joined forces with Safeway in the USA
to expand their food distribution to the USA.

Store Image

A store’s image results from its marketing strategy. The type of
customer a store attracts the way it differentiates itself as well as
the store’s location, merchandise, atmosphere, price, advertising and
service, all influence its image.

The store image of Body...

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