Retailers And Quality Products And Services

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Out of the multitude of various markets that are available for a business to participate in, the retail industry is by far one of the most pragmatic and impulsive. Its business trends are at the mercy of current fashion trends and consumer demand. An organization can be the leader in the fashion arena one day and a loss leader in profitability and ingenuity the next. Retailers must provide quality products and services matched with a quality shopping experience and an emphasis on value to succeed in the long run (Bawa, Gupta, Sharma, 2013, p. 37).
Retailers must also ensure from an internal standpoint that they are participating in the most efficient and effective procedures and practices. This can help to create a business environment that is promoting the best interests of the organization as well as its employees. It is this need for efficiency that drives the profitability and the strength of an organization. Businesses must be able to take a critical analysis of their current procedures so that they can identify current strengths and minimize weaknesses (Jones, 2012, p. 4). It is the presence of an increasing amount of competition that retailers are being confronted with increased volatility that can challenge the ability to such entities to maximize revenue and achieve profitable levels.
There is also a clear and influential tendency of human factors to relate to entities outside of the organizational infrastructure. Studies have been conducted on the effect of human-related environmental factors on the consumer and the results are important to note. A study conducted in 2012 attempted to identify this relationship and the results showed that human-related environmental factors do have a significant impact on the perceptions of the store location as well as the behaviors that are perceived to be participated in from within the store structure (Kim & Kim, 2012, p. 839). The study also put focus on the need for managers from within these environments to manage this influence as much as possible so that such factors can be minimized.
Whether an organization desires to make their infrastructure more efficient and effective or they want to simply maximize their profitability potential, there is a clear and defined need to pursue a research study in the area of identifying variables that encourage team and store productivity that can ultimately lead to the maximization of profitability. By taking a critical look at these variables, organizations can identify internal strengths and weaknesses and capitalize of those qualities that can achieve organizational growth. By analyzing this, the organization can also better identify their corporate and store culture. Third, establishing clear variables leading to organizational success can identify factors that lead to inefficient outcomes as well as those that yield increased performance. Last, implementing an environment that includes these variables can ultimately...

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