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Retention Of Nurses Essay

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Rewards Pertaining to Nurse Recruitment and RetentionTeam building retreats could be used as a creative retention tool in today competitive market place. This is a way of thinking the staffing for their hard work throughout the year thereby improving team relationships and promoting staff satisfaction and retention. Careful planning should be done because initial team building retreats will set the tone for future retreats. All disciplines of staff should be invited and topics that all staff best relate to should be discussed. Two or more retreats in different weeks and time should be planned in order to maximize attendance. Inputs and volunteers for a planning are sought in advance to encourage participation. Team members could bring their favorite dishes but if the budget allows treating team members to a catered lunch is very nourishing. There should be icebreakers and team activities to prevent participants from sitting for along time or be bored about the discussion.Another way to show appreciation to staffing for job well done are rewards and incentives. According to the University of Wollongong in Australia presented the rewards framework which consists of a variety of components that can be offered alone but are often done in combination to rewards of employees and recognize exceptional performance. The rewards consist of financial and non-financial incentives such as incremental progression, accelerated progression, attraction and retention allowances and Development Program Assistance.The incremental progression follows the Award and Classification Restructuring Agreement of 1993 which states that "progress through the incremental salary points within each new level will not be automatic, but be subject to satisfactory performance in accordance with the relevant classification level". In order for a member of staff to be promoted to the next level in salary scale, he must have demonstrated satisfactory performance of duties and conduct in the last twelve months relevant to the classification criteria. The competency based progression was introduced to offer staff the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded based on the consistent performance of skills at a higher level as required of the position. Attraction and Retention allowances are give through the promotion system and progression through the existing incremental ranges. This is aimed at improved attraction and retention of specific staff with exceptional skills. Other allowances for general and academic staff include higher duties, overtime, heads of deans etc. Development Program Assistance provides an opportunity for experimental staff members who are recognized for their excellent contribution to the University.In another article there is an increase input to optimize output. To have a successful collaborative environment the words that play a big role are "consensual competency". The concept of these words is to incorporate staff members' ideas and opinions into the...

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