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The traditional four year school system does not meet the needs of some high school students. Students in today’s society have their own unique method of learning. The more opportunities Education Achievement Authority offer the better students will be successful. Flexibility should be accommodated with the traditional school system because it will offer advance students extensive learning objectives, meanwhile assisting struggling students to a better understanding.
Offering more opportunities to high school students can be very beneficial. High school should be more flexible because students can receive much more advantages rather than plenty of setbacks. The flexibility of high school ...view middle of the document...

Some student rely working in the summer because boating school and a job during the school year will be a challenge. "High school student have told us that they need it be able to work summer jobs.... Important to them in addition to completing their school work." () Year round school can also reduce the rate of high school dropouts. The thought of endless school work will not motivate a student. Because of poor academic performances struggling students consist of needed attention in their academic efforts, but may risk falling behind because of fitting in. Some students can be afraid to ask questions compared to the advanced students and the struggling student may not feel good enough which could end as a dropout.
According to the National Association for Year Round Education, over 3,000 schools had been year round education programs. Virginia Beach, Virginia student found the two-week breaks, every six weeks, disruptive, "It was hard to get involved in the work because as soon as you get geared up, you had to gear back down again." Since the 1900s the United States schools has used the traditional school system. It will be a difficult transition on the parents, teachers, and especially the students.
Flexibility in schools could be very beneficial. Offering Dual Enrollment Courses in high schools can be a great advantage to students. Dual enrollment give students an idea of what full-time college coursework would be like. These college courses will give students a closer look at their area of academic interested. According to most students change their major at lease once, but...

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