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Retouching The Truth: Pro Edited Vs. Pro Unedited

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The digital age brought along with it the advancement of photography, more specifically the practice of photo manipulation. Photo editing software allows for a photographer to take an untouched, raw picture and turn it into anything they want by manipulating the original. The possibilities are endless. Even though image manipulation has been around as long as photography itself, the difference is due to the advancements made in the technology that has made manipulating a photo easy, that has sparked a debate. On the one side there are the supporters, those who see editing as a way to further express themselves through their photos. On the opposing side there are those who claim image ...view middle of the document...

For example, if someone were to see an enhanced photo of Niagara Falls, they would still know it was Niagara Falls even though it is a different interpretation. Many supporters believe that the opposing side places more focus on the commercial aspect than the create possibilities that editing allows.
More times than not, when you flip through a magazine, check out a billboard or watch a commercial you are seeing an enhanced image. The side that argues for un-edited images, say that photography has become a staple in advertising and that consumers are partial to more captivating and intricate images than those that are dull, boring and realistic. They conclude that it has become a common practice to distort images because of today’s society. Their problem with this is that we no longer can tell what is real and genuine and what is simply an illusion. Those who oppose photo manipulation value truth and argue that depicting something differently than it actually is, is in fact a lie. This side believes that taking a celebrity and “touching up” their photo in order to sell something, whether it is a magazine or clothes, is unethical because it is selling an illusion. They believe that manipulating an image takes away from the creative, aesthetic value that raw photography offers. Photography, for them, is about capturing moments. Parents take photos of their newborn to remember...

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