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Return Of The Jedi By George Lucas

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Patrick RonanMay 14, 2014Steven SaccoSalvation HistoryStar Wars: Apocalyptic DaysConsidered to be one of the greatest film sagas of all time, Star Wars is not without its share of comparisons with apocalyptic literature. Whether or not George Lucas intentionally put these in here or not, they are there. While there are many examples of it, the three big ones take place at the beginning, middle, and the end of the movie. But these apocalyptic themes are not connected to one another to form a big picture. But each of them does show a connection between Star Wars and apocalyptic literature.The beginning one is a line you all know. "A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away." This is the first one included because it is a historical quote and everyone knows it. The way this relates to apocalyptic literature is that it says that the film is written in retrospect; even though the technology is too advanced to take place in the past. Another reason as to how it relates to apocalyptic literature is that says "in a Galaxy Far Far Away," which could mean a celestial level; or in layman's terms, a godly battle. The next correlation is a bit less historically known, the part where the alliance is trapped between the Death Star and Star Destroyers.This correlation is about the apocalyptic themes of when the rebels are trapped. This is a major part of apocalyptic themes because of two reasons. One, it show that they need to fight, even though many will die, and that there will be hope afterwards; this is shown by how the forced field around the Death Star is deactivated after about 15 movie minutes of being destroyed. The second reason is it is a time of persecution, they are trapped and falling left and right, but Lando still...

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