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Return To The Past Essay

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Looking back at the UAE in the early 1960’s, one would notice how people’s lives were much harder than it is nowadays, yet it was much healthier. Obesity was a rare thing; thereby incidence of diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system was very law. The main reason behind all of this is the lifestyle that those people have adapted. For that reason I have interviewed someone who lived through that time, to learn about the two main features of their lifestyles which are their nutrition and their physical activity.
Hessa, who I interviewed, was born in Dubai. She grew up in a small family consisting of her parents and her older brother. She talked to me about her lifestyle in 1962, ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, eating chicken was very rare. They would only eat it if the chickens that they raised got too old.
After lunch they would have their second snack. Variations in their snack were uncommon, most of the time they would only have fruits. Fruits were seasonable so not all of them would be available, for example they would have pomegranates only at winter while watermelon, grapes and mangos were only for summer. Other things they might have as snacks are cakes, nuts, and Omani sweets.
Next is dinner and it is considered the simplest meal. They would have some canned food along with kameer or they would eat harees which is basically made of meat with wheat and water. They might also have jebab and this is another type of bread that you eat with honey or cheese. Moreover, some of the breakfast food might also be cooked for dinner. Of course the meal would not be complete without some dates and some water; this also applies to their lunch.
In terms of physical activity, her life was full of it. She used to walk every day to and from school for about ten minutes. After finishing her homework, she would run around the house helping her mother in any possible way. When she is done with that, she...

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