Revealing The Effects Of Eating Disorders To The Human Health

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It is easy to people want to know something by seeing to the object. When a machine operates, engineers have difficulty knowing condition of a machine because they cannot see inside it. Engineers used to overhaul a machine to find defects such as scratch and burn left in the part of machine, but this solution will definitely impact to maintenance cost because overhauling a machine needs time, manpower and money. Maintenance costs are categorized by internal cost such as labour, material and instrument and external cost such as outsourcing (Al-Najjar and Alysouf, 2001). Alternative method is introduced to reduce maintenance cost which is vibration maintenance based method. Like doctors, they know what illness patients by the symptoms, engineers know a machine condition also from its symptom which is vibration. Therefore, vibration based maintenance are an effective solution to know the condition of a machine.
A vibration analyzer is a device that can show how much the machine vibrates and what characteristic of the problem is, so engineers can predict the condition of a machine. Company will reduce maintenance cost because engineers know the machine condition without shutting it down. One person can control the vibration analyzer, so it is not necessary to hire additional technician. A research explains that using integrated vibration maintenance based, company will get minimum profit about US$ 0.358 million, and average potential saving US$ 3 million (Al-Najjar and Alysouf, 2001).
Although VBM is a good, some engineer oppose because they often misinterpret the result states in vibration analyzer. A vibration analyzer gives general result whether a machine vibrates because of unbalance, misalignment or even looseness problem. However, it cannot suggest which specific part of the machine...

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1019 words - 4 pages The Cause and Effects of Eating Disorders The first time 10-year old Mary becomes self conscious about her weight is when she sees her mother looking at a magazine with a cover of a thin woman in a bikini with the bold print declaring, “Is She Fat or Pregnant?” Children are surrounded with the media filling their heads that being thin or muscular is the only way they can be beautiful, resulting in eating disorders. Their bodies have to be

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889 words - 4 pages , thinking clearly will be difficult; their emotions will vary from moody to sad, to irritable. Therefore, social interaction will decrease. Eating disorders may affect psychologically by dealing not only with anorexia, but in some cases including mood, anxiety, and personality disorders. Therefore, obtaining the desired body will affect your health, social interaction and in the majority of the cases relationships. Likewise, bulimia is an eating disorder