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As the world turns, darkness spreads throughout the lands affecting us all with its cold grasp. Poverty, drought, plague, famine, recession, all of times problems funneling down to a worsening reality. Millions of children dying in the streets and millions without food on their table, it is clear we’re on a downward spiral. As the great godchild of humanity, the United States fights on every front the corrupting forces of evil, acting as a global police for the greater good. A shining pillar of light, breaking through the darkness, stands as the only barrier between the hordes of evil. Sadly the light is dimming; the U.S. is slowly succumbing to the ever powerful Acherontic hordes. We need help, all of us, for soon, even our great nation will fall.
As America continues on its epic quest to save all of humanity, many problems hitting home, are being set on the rear burner, and continue to steep in our backyard. With over a million of our nation’s finest men and women fighting for the greater good, and hundreds of thousands deployed internationally to ensure global peace, the fatherland of America, is oddly desolate of protection. With the National Guard spread thin, it’s hard for our nation to rally enough force to solve our nation’s problems be it with illegal immigration or poverty reduction. The time has come to call upon our nations little army, the Boy and Girl scouts. With the Boy Scout organization turning one hundred years old this year, many people are wondering why the scouts have never been summoned, and I concur, I believe we should finally call in our debt of years of buying cookies and popcorn.
One problem that is hitting home and bringing our nation to its knees is illegal immigration. Halting health care reform, consuming our tax dollars, taking our jobs, this problem needs to be dealt with before it’s too late. But what can stop the hordes from our xenophobic fatherland? The choice is clear, our nation can be purged with a “little” help. With over five million active duty Boy and Girl Scouts, and 1.3 million learning for life scouts in reserve, the nation could be constantly patrolled by these honor driven, short, devoted individuals. As an Eagle Scout myself, I know the rigorous training we go through to be promoted, and much of this training comes in handy when it comes to apprehending criminals. Not only are scouts trained in rudimentary language, and diplomacy, but scouts are knowledgeable when it comes to physical altercations. All boy scouts...

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