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Revenge As A Cycle Between Adam And Eve.

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The essence of Revenge goes back to the everlasting struggle between Adam and Eve. We all know Eve's seduction for Adam to eat the forbidden apple, which contributed to their allied punishment and damnation by casting them out from heaven to the world of sin and conflict between good and evil. I think that Adam in no means could have forgiven Eve for what she had committed, as a result he sought and is still seeking revenge from her, and in her turn she sought revenge back and pursue him until now.There is always someone who begins the harm in the revenge matter. This someone constitutes the point of the beginning of the revenge circle, which keeps rolling and causing disastrous consequences throughout its deadly rotation. In our case here, Eve stands out to be that very point because she is the one who caused the cycle to begin regardless of the role of Satan in the issue. She is the second human, created from Adam's rib. Adam's wife and often described both seductively and submissively, is tricked by Satan into eating the forbidden fruit, and receives the punishment of becoming mortal, and suffering pain in childbirth. Though he was warned by Raphael not to transgress, Adam decided to join Eve in her mortality and against his better knowledge, followed her and ate the forbidden fruit. His punishment includes hard labor and mortality. I think that Adam deeply regretted his disobedience and he could blame no one but himself and Eve the immediate seducer, since it's the nature of human beings not to charge themselves but to find someone who can take the responsibility of their affairs. Adam sought revenge from Eve in various ways considering her the cause of his dilemma. His first step in fulfilling his vengeance was making her pregnant, which meant a lot of intolerable pain for her during childbirth. Adam's next steps of his revenge came along with the first one. Woman has been oppressed by man for ages and is still to a great extent suffering from this oppression in the society where men rule and degrade her even unconsciously out of their buried anger of Eve's original sin. Man's excuses of his oppression are that woman has weaker biological traits and inferior mentality, which gives him the right to dominate her since he is the stronger and the wittier according to his claim. Another means of his revenge is through sexuality to be more accurate through altering from natural sexuality...

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