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Revenge Essay

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To right a wrong, appeals to most westernized people. The westward movement in the United States depicts harsh times where lawlessness was the norm. Some people felt compelled then to stand up for what was right, as evidenced in the Battle at the OK Corral. Even old shows like Gunsmoke displayed Marshall Dillon the empowered individual to stand up for the law and protect the rights of the townspeople. These examples reflect both revenge and justice all parties involved in a conflict where a wrong needs to be righted. As laws have been established and enforced to provide a sense of order, the need for revenge is no longer justifiable nor soul cleansing because some people thrive on ...view middle of the document...

Rioting that causes harm to others and damage to property as a form of protest is the very behavior Martin Luther King, Jr. advocated against. People who thrive on conflict may be just angry people in general for real and/or perceived wrongs against them. “The emotions that fuel revenge may differ across cultures as well”, says Michele Gelfand, PhD, a professor of psychology at the University of Maryland, College Park. “In her studies, she has found that anger often drives the vengeful feelings of people in individualistic cultures, while shame powers revenge in collectivist ones.” When I was in elementary school, the Civil Rights Movement started in Louisville, Kentucky. Walking home from school one day, a black boy hit my younger sibling for no reason. As the oldest, I felt compelled to strike back and hit the black boy with my school satchel across the head. I told my sibling, “Let’s get home quick.” I knew that all hell could break out, and at the tender age of 9, ushered us quickly toward home. I didn’t like this act because I was friends with this boy’s sister. I wondered how this incident would impact our friendship. A few weeks later, feeling the incident was behind us, the same black boy snuck up to the side of our house and threw a brick that hit another of my siblings in the head. Furious, I ran after him. He ran into his house and hid inside. I knocked on the door and the father answered. I told him what happened and his response was, “I’ll talk to him, but you white folks need to stop picking on my kid.” Now I’m really confused because in my mind, his kid was the offender. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized that my family suffered from perceived wrongs that went back as far the days of slavery. ...

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