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Revenge Essay When I Was Younger I Had The Desire To Win, I Couldn’t Stand Losing; It Was The Worst Feeling A Young

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Revenge Essay

When I was younger I had the desire to win, I couldn’t stand losing;
it was the worst feeling a young, immature 11 yr old could ever feel.
So when St Mary’s Primary School won the Armando cup my friends and I
were going through a period of torment. The only way to resolve this
was by getting revenge on St Mary’s.

Robert Owen Memorial Primary School versus St Mary’s Primary School
was the clash that had earned a spot in the Armando cup final.
Everybody in Lanark knew that this was the biggest rivalry in the
district. My school, Robert Owen Memorial Primary, was the best team
in the district; we were always winning something. As 11 yr olds do we
got ahead of ourselves and thought that we were the best team, we
thought St Mary’s had no chance well we were in for a big shock.

Before the game I was feeling really confident, and I wasn’t the only
one. At half time the scoreboard read R.O.M.P 0-1 St Mary’s this was
the biggest cup in the district and to add to the pressure we were
down one-nil. I was devastated. With ten minutes to go I had already
bagged a double we had a penalty I felt confident I step up, OH NO I
missed it! I at this point I felt as if I had just lost us the game
but in reality I hadn’t as we were winning but that was the way I
thought of it. My friend said to me its all right. We’re still one up,
not for long. Goal kick to St Mary’s the goalie kicks it straight to
their striker, he takes one touch then hits it into the top of the
net. I was so angry I kicked one of their players and got yellow
carded. I just felt my anger taking over and I lashed out I got an
earful off of my manager but he kept me on because I was so important
to the team. At this point in the game I felt really down in the dumps
as I had just missed a penalty and immediately after that they scored
to square the game. At the end of extra time it was 3-3 I had scored
our 3rd which lifted my confidence a lot. So it then went to a penalty
shoot-out. On penalties it was 4-3 I scored mine to make it 4-4 .St
Mary’s scored their 5th it was all down to Fraser McNeil if he missed
it was all over for Robert Owen Memorial Primary School! Fraser steps
up takes a short run up (at this point i'm feeling really nervous I
was nearly praying for it to go in), and hits the post! I felt as if
this was an act of injustice. We had just lost the cup final to St
Mary’s. I felt like this as I’m the worst loser on the planet. But
wait until you hear what we did to them ;).

My friends and I thought it would be funny to play a practical joke on
St Mary’s so we then decided that we needed to plan our act of
revenge. That night we went to our den. Our den was a place we hung
out when we needed to cool own but it was also the place where we
planned our revenge. Our first idea was that when St Mary’s...

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