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Revenge From A Women's Broken Heart

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned a quote about a women's anger by William Congreve. Their is no higher form of anger from a women than a betrayal of love a perfect example, Medea. Well some can argue what she did was wrong, but when you break it down it was not her fault that led her anger down that path. Medea is not the only person to have her heart broken and seek revenge. Their have been other's. I am going to compare and contrast other stories we have read where female characters seek revenge from the one's they love. Such as, comparing and contrasting the actions of Medea with Juno from Metamorphoses, and Ishtar from The Epic of Gilgamesh.
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Also, when she was rejected by father's gardener she turned him into a frog. Gilgamesh gave her sound proof of what will become of him if he accepted to be her husband. When you look at, if he had said yes or no he was screwed. Any other way, her professing her love to him is another way seeing it as a death sentence. He had a good reason of denying her while Medea's husband left her and the children to marry the princess because he wanted power. Also the major difference in their action is Ishtar released the bull to kill Gilgamesh and Medea did not want to kill Jason. Even though there are major difference in their reason and action of revenge there is one similarity. Both of their actions no matter the difference they wanted to hurt the one they love and I mean extremely hurt.
Even though Juno and Medea were married to the one they loved and Ishtar was not they all loved them. Each of them had a different level of anger that set them on the path of revenge. Jason leaving and marrying the princess was Medea's tipping point. Juno finding out Jupiter was cheating and making children from it was her tipping...

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