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Revenge Hurts Those Who Seek It

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Revenge is to inflict punishment for injury or an insult, but those that seek revenge end up hurting themselves according to Sir Francis Bacon. Bacon claims “This is certain, that a man consumed for a desire for revenge keeps his own wounds open which otherwise would heal”, Bacon believes that instead of people letting their hatred go they hold on to causing them to want to seek revenge more and well hurt themselves. A person seeking revenge may get even with the enemy, but also hurt themselves in the process. Keeping hatred inside and living in the past just wastes life away. Bacon’s ideas of revenge are expressed in Romeo and Juliet, The Interlopers, and the song Present Tense.
The short Story The Interlopers expresses Bacon’s ideas on Revenge. In The Interlopers there is a family feud between the Gradwitz and Znayem families for years. “The neighbor feud had grown into a personal one since Ulrich had come to be head of family”, the feud has been a problem since Ulrich Gradwitz was head of the family for three generations (Saki 305). Those that seek revenge end up hurting themselves and Ulrich was patrolling looking for his enemy Georg Zynayem. As Ulrich was patrolling he came in contact with his enemy when “A fierce Shriek of the storm has been answered by a splitting crash over their heads”, a tree lands on Ulrich and Georg causing them to be stuck (Saki 305). Bacon Claims that in seeking revenge hurt themselves and Ulrich and Georg seek revenge, hurting themselves. Not only are the ideas of revenge expressed in The Interlopers but they are also expressed in the poet Romeo and Juliet.
The poet Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare also expresses Bacon’s ideas of revenge. In Romeo and Juliet there has been a feud between the Capulet’s and the Montague’s. Seeking...

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