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Revenge... Is It Really A Good Thing?

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It has been said revenge is a dish best served cold, or that revenge is sweet. But a man named Sir Francois Bacon says that revenge just hurts a person in the long run. He says that taking revenge is not such a good thing after all, and that it is not worth doing in the first place. Bacon’s idea of revenge is also present in Romeo and Juliet, The Autobiography of Takashi Tanemori, and The Blade of Grass in a Dreamless Field.
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is one example of Bacon’s idea of seeking revenge and the outcome of doing so. An example of this is when Romeo seeks revenge on Tybalt for killing Mercutio. After Tybalt kills Mercutio, Romeo threatens “staying for time to keep him company. / Either thou or I, or both, must go with him” (Shakespeare III.i 123-124). When Romeo takes revenge on Tybalt, things do not go in Romeo’s favor. The minute Tybalt falls, Benvolio tells Romeo to flee to Mantua before the Prince came. The Prince arrives after Romeo has already fled for killing Tybalt “and for that offense, / Immediately we do exile him hence” (Shakespeare III.i 180-181). This relates to Bacon’s idea of revenge because when Romeo takes revenge on Tybalt, he ends up getting banished; which means that Romeo cannot see Juliet again, which leads to them eventually killing themselves. Not only in Romeo and Juliet does Romeo end up getting banished for taking revenge, but a man named Takashi Tanemori ends up wasting his life over trying to take revenge.
The Biography of Takashi Tanemori is another example of Bacon’s idea of revenge, how it can waste one’s life thinking about it. After the bombing of his home in Hiroshima, Takashi lives his life thinking about how to take revenge for his family and home. Takashi says “as a teenager, I immigrated to America, my youthful mind thinking it my duty to seek revenge for my family”. But after years of living like this, Takashi finally came to the realization that he was wasting his life. While he was coming to this realization,...

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