Revenue Sharing Between The States And The Federal Government

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Federal grants have become more common over the last 60years, due to the expansion and retraction of the size of thefederal government. The federal government began expanding inthe 1930s to deal with the Depression. It used federal agenciesto directly deal with problems. As time went on, the tasks wereturned over to the states, but the federal government stillremained involved through the use of federal grants to statesand localities. In the 1970s, Nixon's New Federalism put aheavy emphasis on federal grants. Revenue sharing gave federaldollars to localities and states that had never received verymuch or any federal money before. This increased local interestin receiving federal money in many localities.In order to deal with the federal bureaucracy and receivefederal money, localities and states have to develop efficientand effective bureaucracies of their own. These state and localbureaucracies must understand the federal rules and requirementsfor receiving federal aid. Some states routinely receive agreater amount of federal money than other states with similarpopulations due to the differences in state bureaucracies. Thestate which has an effective grant-writing bureaucracy andmaintains relations with federal bureaucrats and leaders isoften able to get more money.Federal bureaucracies are often very regionalized. Theyare staffed by people from a certain region, and they primarilydeal with people from that region. They give more federalassistance to these regions too. The overall trend in federalspending in a state may be different from a particular agency'spattern of spending. Some states may get very little overallfederal funding, but may get much more than the average amountof money from a certain federal agency's grants.American state-level politics can be divided up into 3categories: traditional, moralistic, and individualistic.Traditional areas are heavily elitist, and social elites are theprimary leaders of...

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