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As minister of the town he was well respected and had the responsibility of instructing the “word of god” and guiding people on the right path. However, he doesn’t do this when he lets Abigail get away with dancing in the forest, which was permitted in the puritan society. He should have took on the teacher role he was given and teach Abigail discipline by making her face the consequence of doing what is not permitted.
When navigating some pretty challenging waters, teenagers have a tendency of lying as a way to get attention, to make themselves seem more powerful or attractive to others, or to get sympathy or support. This was especially true for Abigail, who was already going through the ...view middle of the document...

A minister must live a humble life. Parris wanted to live a businessmen’s life and by doing so he created an exceptional amount of bitterness towards him within certain village factions. In Parris' mind, people who didn’t listen to him and went against traditional reverent attitudes towards the church opposed his words (the word of God). He did not trust those who did not follow his word, and was fearful of the influence of outsiders on the village itself. He intended to have his supporters and the church unified against anyone that would dare speak against him. What he fails to realize is that he can’t have his way all the time. God has not called ministers to always “be right”, but to “be godly.” An excessively strict social order also provides no outlet for personal grievances. Over time, unvoiced resentments build up among individuals, primed to explode. The witch trials depicted in The Crucible can be considered an attack against individuality: those accused and convicted of witchcraft were mostly people who prioritized their private thoughts and integrity above the will of the community. The trials provided a legally sanctioned forum for the expression of anger and grievance. Had he listened to the people and been open to the unknown he would have prevented the witch trials. His followers would not have taken every abnormal thing...

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