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Good Performance Recognition In Nurses Essay

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Literature review:
Meaningful recognition defined in 2005 by (AACN) with the statement "recognition of the value and meaningfulness of one's contribution to an organization's work is a fundamental human need and an essential requisite to personal and professional development. People who are not recognized feel invisible, undervalued, unmotivated, and disrespected" (AACN, 2005). In the past, nurses received recognition from both physicians and from close nurses managers (McClosskey & Grace, 1990).
Recognition of good work among nurses is connected to how they achieve task priorities in their daily activity and to whether nurses do things in a standard or the way they have to do it (Christiansen, 2008). Persons' good work can be recognized by appraising the performance and compare it with other professional standards (Gardner, Csikszentmihalyi, & Damon, 2001) . Good performance recognition is an important motivators, which can be used to enhance employees' self esteem and their work confidence (Bowen & Lawler, 1992). In 2008, Christiansen's study, respondents showed the importance of the peers and doctors feedback in assessing their work. Results also showed that recognizing nurses good work lead to dealing with the tension between ideals and reality of the professional work (Christiansen, 2008).
Overall, workplace environment is usually affected by many factors such as job stress, group cohesion, and recognition (Ernst, et al., 2004). A reduction in job satisfaction related to lack of recognition linked to nurses' retention problems and intent to leave (Blegan, 1990; Parasuraman, 1989). In the study conducted by Ernst et al. 2004, results showed that recognition was correlated significantly with weekly working hours and the receiving of recognition how it is provided is needed for nurses which is received by older nurses than younger nurses, Also Staff nurses identified areas of recognition were participation in decision making, one to one feedback, recognition of achievement in newsletter, letters of appreciation from administrators, involvement in unit planning, and professional development opportunities (Ernst, et al., 2004).
Ranking recognition between participant in 1992 showed that 10% of respondents ranked recognition for achievement first, 39% for competent performance first and 51% for outstanding performance first. The most recognized behaviour identified by respondents was financial reward, followed by private feedback from nurses managers and finally, a written appreciation for nurses' contribution (Blegan et al., 1992). Beside the monthly pay salary, nurses highly valued the importance of both psychological and non financial rewards, appreciation and compliments as well as presents from others; Such attitudes playing an active role in motivating and stimulating nurses to do the best of their capabilities (Gieter et al., 2006)
improving work environment achieved by providing nurses with recognition and financial rewards maintains...

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