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The Medias Portray Of African Americans

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Now a day African Americans have a growing culture in our community so they play a big roll in society. This cuases them to be on the media more often. That said they are shown both in good and bad ways. Some ways they are shown is undermining to some people and other ways show them in a brighter light. It could go from showing them in gang violence or showing them in a political aspect.
Even though they are shown in on media there are social sites they are shown very stereotypical. This social site is call “Vine”. This app for many phone lets people take a short video of something and post many African americans have become very fond of this app and made tons of videos of very stereotypical thing about themselves. Doing this they make it look like harmless fun but to some people it looks very insensitive and they wonder why they would make themselves look in such a way . I personaly think it’s a little insensitive but just good humor in the ways that it has become socialy accepted to laugh and do these thing. But I don’t think it should be done as often as it now a days.
Other ways African americans are shown in a bad light in media is the news. The news can something over do their stories and what they say it can go from “A African American man was having a issue with is wife and almost Hit her”. To “A African American man was having a issue with is wife and almost Killed her”. They can minuplate things and make people think bad of them a cause them to think they are very aggressive culture of people and undermining them. All that can be said is the new needs to stop portraying them as such bad people when half of the things they do are even that bad. There are way worst crimes a things done by other groups than we know of. As much as they are shown as crime related subjects.
The other ways African americans are shown in media is they are very poor in some places for example Michigan Detroit and after Katrina New Orleans etc. Due to this many of the younger community get involved with gangs and selling narcotics due to people brain washing them into...

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