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7th Grade Literature2nd Semester Test Review2012-2013I. VocabularyStudy from your notebook and emailed exercises:AntonymsSynonymsHomographsHomophonesHomonymsBase WordsRootsAffixesDenotationConnotationIdiomsSlangContext CluesII. GrammarStudy from your notebook, emailed exercises, and practice book:ConjunctionsSubordinating ConjunctionsPrepositionPrepositional PhrasesPhrases (all kinds)AnalogiesFragmentsDependent ClausesIndependent ClausesCompound SentencesComplex SentencesAppositivesII. Literary TermsAll of the following terms were discussed and explained in class:Static CharacterDynamic CharacterParts of the PlotPoints of ViewSummaryScience FictionAuthor's PurposesPrimary SourceSecondary SourceFictionNon-FictionMoodToneOral Traditions (all)SequenceFantasyInternal ConflictExternal ConflictForeshadowingHistorical FictionSubjectThemeRetellingDramaAutobiographyBiographyFactOpinionFlashbackIV. WritingWhat are the elements of?APASteps of the Writing ProcessCause and EffectCompareContrastCharacter SketchOpinion StatementProcess DescriptionResponse to LiteratureV. ReadingYou could be asked questions about:"Titanic""The Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde""Oral Traditions"VocabularySynonymsA synonym is a word that has the same or almost the same meaning as another word.AntonymsAn antonym is a word with a meaning opposite of that of another word.HomographsHomographs are words that are spelled the same but have a different meaning.HomonymsHomonyms are words that sound alike but have different meanings.HomophonesHomophones are a type of homonym that also sounds alike and have different meanings, and different spelling.Base WordsBase words are complete words that can stand alone.RootsRoots are word parts that convey the core meaning of a word.AffixesAffixes are word parts that can be attached to base words to make new words.DenotationDenotation is a word's dictionary meaning.ConnotationConnotations are the images or feelings you connect to a word to give it finer and shades of meaning.IdiomsAn idiom is an expression whose overall meanings different from the meaning of the individual words.SlangSlang is informal language containing made-up words and ordinary words used to mean something different.Context CluesThe context of a word is made up of the punctuation marks, words, sentences, and paragraphs that surround it.General Clues: to infer the meaning of an unfamiliar word by reading all the information in the sentence or paragraphs that support it.Definition Clues: followed by a definition of its meaning. Commas, dashes or other punctuation marks.Restatement Clues: a word or term in easier language.Example Clues: suggest meaning or word with one or two examples.Comparison Clues: word's meaning suggested by a comparison to something similar.GrammarConjunctionsConjunctions are words that link other words or group of words.Subordinating ConjunctionsA subordinating conjunction introduces a subordinate clause. (after, although, as…)PrepositionA...

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904 words - 4 pages “Get your Pho on!” at Noodle & Chopstick inside the Pho Green Papaya! -Restaurant Review Noodles and Chopsticks is located on 2000 West 3500 South West Valley City, Utah. Inside the premises that displays “Pho Green Papaya” in bold green and red letters. I suspect that they haven’t had time to change the sign posted on the outside of the building, since they just re-opened after re-constructing its interior. As soon as my family and I


802 words - 4 pages Terminalia arjuna in the overall management of cardiovascular diseases. The purpose of this review is to bring together the available published information on phytochemical, pharmacological and clinical aspects of Terminalia arjuna (Roxb.) Wight & Arn. in cardiovascular diseases as well as in a bid to highlight the importance of this pioneer resource in the fight against vascular diseases.

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1062 words - 4 pages Judicial review was enacted as a checks and balance step when concerning the government and the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. Judicial review gives the court the power to review and change laws and government acts that violate the Constitution (Huq, n.d.). Allowing the court system this power helps prevent government officials from using the Constitution to illegally use their position in making laws and regulations in the United

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2065 words - 8 pages IntroductionPURPOSE OF THIS REVIEWThis literature review and synthesis aims at developing a knowledge base to inform the Ministry of Education onHow to develop, implement, and maintain online communities of practice (Cops), and how communicationTechnologies can be used to support them. From the Request for Proposals (RFP), the Ministry of EducationIntended that this review would:• Ensure that the Ministry is well informed by the growing

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1396 words - 6 pages REVIEW OF LEGAL SYSTEMS The legal system is a system developed to control the operation of a country’s regulatory, governmental and judicial authority who they supervise and impose the laws and regulations of the country. The legal systems that I choose to briefly review is my home country’s and in particular the Greek (Hellenic) legal system compared to the legal system of the United States of America (USA). I choose the above systems due to

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1015 words - 5 pages A critical review of two texts A host of new technologies such as online services, mobile phones, GPS (Global Positioning System), and high-resolution satellite images have dramatically changed the way in which spatial data are produced, used, and shared. Volunteered Geographical Information (VGI) is a pragmatic approach to obtain free spatial data by citizens’ contribution. Although VGI has applied in various disciplines, VGI practices have

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1518 words - 6 pages responsible for the decline in drug use across America. This literature review will specifically look at five research articles in an attempt to affirm this hypothesis.The first article that will be discussed was written by Michael Tonry (1995) and examined the patterns of drug use amongst youths both before and after the War on Drugs. It was hypothesized that the War on Drugs was an unnecessary action taken by the Government, which was too harsh on

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1755 words - 8 pages . In order to evaluate Affluenza, it is necessary to review the material that was discussed throughout the publication. The book affluenza contains a total 288 pages including an introduction and biographical material. As previously mentioned, the book is divided up into three sections: symptoms, causes, and treatments. Different sections of the work have varying degrees of success throughout the reading. To begin, the first section concerning

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530 words - 2 pages The poster of the Avengers Yu 1 Yue Yu (Jasmine) Kat Gonso ENGW 1102 October 5, 2013 Review of the Avengers: Numerous Figures but Distinct Characters Last weekend, my 14-year-old cousin asked me to recommend an exciting movie for him. And the first movie I remember is the Avengers. The Avengers is one of my favorite one in so many science fiction movies. And I have no doubt that it received a warm welcome in a large amount of fans, which

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530 words - 2 pages The poster of the Avengers Yu 1 Yue Yu (Jasmine) Kat Gonso ENGW 1102 October 5, 2013 Review of the Avengers: Numerous Figures but Distinct Characters Last weekend, my 14-year-old cousin asked me to recommend an exciting movie for him. And the first movie I remember is the Avengers. The Avengers is one of my favorite one in so many science fiction movies. And I have no doubt that it received a warm welcome in a large amount of fans, which

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515 words - 2 pages Ramirez, MatthewJ. TakiguchiMusic 105Concert Review #2Mac Miller Concert Last December, I had the ability to go see Mac Miller At The House Of Blues in Los Angeles .The House Of Blues held around 1200 people from different demographic backgrounds, all excited to see Mac Attack perform. The vibe was set right, music combined with energy that can only be compared to music. After waiting two or so hours, I was finally let into the establishment to

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573 words - 3 pages learning a course related to childhood/childcare; from a sociological perspective. I shall review an extract from the textbook. Using three different sociologists perceptions, the authors attempt to identify why and how ethnicity can and does effect achievement within education. Already, the authors' relevant backgrounds and the use of multiple interpretations from sociologists (rather than just the authors' opinions) adds to the validity of


2251 words - 10 pages This critical comparative review discusses three books written by Kenneth Pomeranz and Steven Topik (2012), Ha-Joon Chang (2008), and Gavin Fridell (2013). Above books examine the historical context and the present intricacies of the world trade and its relationship with broad political, economic, societal and ideological forces. The aim of this review is to provide a critique of the increasingly hegemonic position held within the international


1600 words - 7 pages of Global Environmental Issues, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 13-55. Munda, G 1997, 'Environmental Economics, Ecological Economics, and the Concept of Sustainable Development', Environmental Values, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 213-33. Nicholas, S 2006, Stern review on the economics of climate change, Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change, UK Treasury, . Raupach, MR, Marland, G, Ciais, P, Quéré, CL, Canadell, JG, Klepper, G

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863 words - 4 pages state vital records. Ordering online through Express Legal is secured through high-grade encryption (AES-256, 256 bit keys). Vital certificates may be ordered from the relevant government agency for a lesser cost. Our online processing fee is for the cost of providing a secure online ordering service, expert assistance and thorough review of all pertinent information to ensure compliance with government rules and regulations. No visit to the