Review Accelerating Corporate Transformations

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HBR Issue: January/February 2010Article Title: Accelerating Corporate Transformations by Robert H. Miles.Question: It is said that people don't resist change, but they resist being changed. Analyze the usual factors that lead to executives turning recalcitrant and employees disengaging themselves during the process of transformation. Also, explain how various tactics for accelerating corporate transformation can help in overcoming these barriers.Any successful transformation of company can be characterized by the faster execution, focus on few goals, periodic reviews and team work form top to bottom. Whereas many transformation initiatives of companies fail because of lack of people buy in for such initiatives, as they are the ones who will execute the vision into reality. They become recalcitrant and disengage themselves. CEO' with grand vision many a times fail to understand this fact and hence fail. Some of the factors that result in such situation are discussed below.Factors leading to executives turning recalcitrant and employees disengagingCautious Management Culture: The executive decision makers try focus their efforts more on tried and tested methods to bring in incremental changes. They get themselves busy with daily operations so that they don't have time to re-imagine the bigger business ideas, or work on ways to improve underperforming business units. Such a cautious management culture results into those controlling more resources will monopolize the decision-making in the organization with various reasoning's. Transformation programs in such organization will lead to a situation where the people don't believe in the leader that he will carry on with the transformational agenda, as the initiatives were half-hearted, half-thought and half-baked. Such program will get killed if new challenges come up. Hence the people will be disengaged with such initiatives to protect themselves under the guise of focusing on the daily operations."Business As-Usual" Management Process: The day-to-day management process is already overloaded and there is no room for the new transformation initiatives. Leaders and People will wait and keep on postponing taking decisions till the transformation initiatives are forgotten.Initiative Gridlock: Organization launch the transformational initiatives without alignments, hence resulting into each department launching their own improvement programs resulting in loss of focus and too many to focus on. It results in loss of motivation from the employees to carry on the change initiatives and the leadership will have fear of discarding those that wont work. It will result in gridlock situation.Loss of Focus during Execution: Even if the leaders of the organization cross the above 3 hurdles and launch the change programs, they can get killed during the execution phase. "Post Launch Blues " is a problem caused due to turning vision into detailed plan. Many organization have ideas at 50000 ft level, they fail to...

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