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Many traditional fairy tales have been remade into Hollywood movies. The fairy tale of Cinderella has been produced in movies many times like Ever After (1998) and A Cinderella Story (2004). A Cinderella Story (2004) has an interesting storyline, cast, themes, and appeals to teenagers and young adults.
The movie begins as Sam narrating how she is in a far away kingdom with a beautiful little girl with her “weirdo” father. Then Sam clarifies that this was not “long ago” and “not a really far away kingdom;” they are in the San Fernando Valley. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley was like her kingdom. Even though she was raised by her father, she never felt like she was missing out on anything. Her father tries to exposes her to girly things like make-up and fashion. Her dad owns a diner in the San Fernando Valley which Sam loves called Hal’s Diner. All the staff was like her family. When Sam celebrated her 8th birthday at Hal’s Diner, they want for her to wish for something, but she does not wanted anything because she has amazing friends, the diner family and the coolest dad. Sam’s dad thinks that she needs only one thing to be happy, a mother; so he decides to marry Fiona who had two daughters, Brianna and Gabriella. Sam thinks that as long her dad was happy she would be happy (A Cinderella Story).
One night, Sam loses her best friend, her father, in a devastating earthquake. She is left to live in an attic with her stepfamily, and soon realizes her stepfamily is evil. Fiona and the step-sisters take over everything the house, the diner and her. They make Sam do all the housework for them. Fiona treats Sam like a slave; Fiona wants Sam to do the chores including cooking for them, and does not allow her time to even study! Sam however, is not completely alone. She still has the diner’s staff. The staff, her best friend, Carter, and her online friend “Nomad” make her life tolerable (A Cinderella Story).
The plot continues as it reveals Sam is not part of “in-crowd” at school. She goes to school with carter, and she looks for a parking space. As she goes in for space Austin, the most popular boy, arrives and beat her it. Shelby, Austin’s mean girlfriend, tells off Sam and Austin’s friends yells to her “Diner girl, can I have a burger?” just to make her life terrible. Later she receives a text message from “Nomad” and she replies. Sam chats with him all day long. Sam and “Nomad” both go to the same high school and dream to go to Princeton. Sam does not know that “Nomad” is actually Austin, the most popular guy in high school who every girl dreams to go out with him. “Nomad” knows Sam as “PrincetonGirl1818.” An online romance begins, “Nomad” finally asks “PrincetonGirl1818” to meet him in the Halloween dance that the school will be having. Sam asks Fiona for permission, and Fiona does not allow her to go because Sam must complete her chores. Sam pleads Fiona explaining that she’s being trying everything possible to please her, but Fiona does...

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