Review Of Blue Remembered Hills

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Review of Blue Remembered Hills

'Blue Remembered Hills' is a poem by AE Houseman that shows an
idealistic view of childhood as you see in the poem.

That is the land of lost content

I see it shining plain

The happy highways where I went

And cannot come again

In this short piece AE Houseman gives the effect of a clean happy
time. Dennis Potter has a completely different view on childhood that
completely contrasts with AE Houseman's poem. Dennis potters play is a
reversal of AE Houseman's poem, including the attitudes of the
children. In this play the children think only for themselves. There
is extreme cruelty between the children. There is a constant power
struggle between the boys and the girls. This constant struggle for
power, admiration and for wanting to be respected leads to the
destruction of a member of the group of boys. The children constantly
pick on the weakest to make them look bigger.

AE Houseman shows an idealistic view of children and Potter wanted to
show what he thought kids were like. Potter thought that if he used
children the audience wouldn't see their true behaviour: the audience
would just see kids fooling around like kids do. Potter wanted the
kid's behaviour to really be analysed. By using adults to play out
children the audience would concentrate on what they are doing. Potter
also used adults to portray emotion better than children. In an
example Willie's behaviour is childish with him using his hands as
aeroplane wings and making sounds like an aeroplane. If you saw a
child do this then it would be normal, but seeing an adult makes you
watch the movement very closely and seeing the funny side of children
playing and adult. The audience get use to this and gradually accept
that they are playing children. Potter also used adults because kids
'young limbs' 'fresh eyes and falsetto voices' might make the audience
sympathise with the children, and that wasn't the idea for the play.
Dennis Potter wanted to show raw children behaviour when there not
acting like little angels for there mums and dads.

Willie's and Peters fantasies are mainly in war. They both have dreams
of becoming soldiers and creating destruction for the enemy. The fact
that they both want to become soldiers is very real to them. They
fantasize about bombing the enemy and shooting the enemy. Most of
their games are based around destruction and killing things. Their
style of language is based on where they come from, there style is
colloquial meaning informal. They swear a lot for example (bugger) to
show that they are tough: they learn it from their parents and they
adopt it to show that hey are manly. Peter is the toughest between
them, and he is the bully and the more dominant character. Willie is
weaker but smarter than Peter. For example Willie has an apple and

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