Review Of Dog Aggression, Training, Causes, And Treatments

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There are many different dog breeds and they all have different temperaments, which is partly why many dog lovers are sometimes particular to one breed than to others. Although not all seemingly unique breed behaviors are actually breed specific, most importantly aggression. A recent study indicates that dog owners’ conduct, not the dog’s breed, could be key to predicting whether or not a dog will be aggressive. Research which could undeniably stop breed discrimination, and confront strict laws against certain breeds based on the premiss that they are inherently dangerous. According to the study, the type of training an owner uses plays the most significant role in how their dog will interact with humans, stranger or family alike, than the type of breed they are.
There have been very few dog bite risk factor studies conducted. There is veterinary clinic-based retrospective study aimed at identifying human–canine environmental risk factors for non-play bites. Allowing a dog to run free out of the yard, sleeping in the owners bed, and routinely allowing the dog around strangers were all found to habits that promote biting. The study also found that dogs acquired for companionship were more likely to bite than those acquired for protection. Overall, dogs which are not confined in their interactions with humans are at elevated risk for biting.
Another study surveyed an assortment of dog walkers in different areas and asked them questions about their dog’s obedience levels. The overall findings propose that there were significant results supporting positive or reinforcement based training which creates more reliable behaviors than those disciplined or used punishment based methods. The study did note that the audience examined and studied were normal families or individuals and their dogs, not professionals.
There have been many plans and specific training methods put into place to achieve optimal behavioral health and to prevent the development of behavior problems in the future. The specialists at Tufts’ Animal Behavior Clinic can assist owners in developing an individualized management plan and training program for puppies and adult dogs. Tips such as to teach bite inhibition, one strategy is to emit a loud, high pitched “OUCH!” when a puppy mouths too hard, then completely withdraw your attention for 30 seconds. This must be done every time the puppy bites too hard.
Puppies usually learn how to control their bites from their mothers and siblings. Nevertheless, because puppies are often adopted out by eight weeks of age, that opportunity to learn from their canine family is put into the hands of the new owner. If a puppy continues to disregard the attention withdrawal every time he bites, it is time to ask how much exercise the puppy has received that day? If the only toy around to play with is an unsuspecting hand, then it is time to take the puppy outside to run and play. Teaching bite inhibition teaches a puppy that it is not acceptable to...

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