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Review Of Downtown Artist Co Op

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I paid a visit to the art gallery downtown, by the name of Downtown Artist Co-op, and I must say, it was a most pleasant experience. As I entered, I was instantly greeted by the curators. After I was greeted, I explained to them why I had come in. Having mentioned that I was there as part of an assignment, they were happy to have me and said that students come in all the time to do reviews. Following the greeting and introduction, I began to journey around the gallery.
As I made my way through the first set of showings, I noticed the talent that is present in my community. I also made note of the variety of art forms featured in the gallery. Of these forms, I recognized: paintings, ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, he is inspired by the French Impressionist works of Monet, Degas, Van Gogh, and others of that time (Whittaker). He was kind enough to come over and talk with me about his work; I was most excited to learn about his processes. He was very informative, as he explained his production. His use of natural lighting was very inspiring to me, as it gives the image a more natural flare. Not to mention, it is more cost-effective than using strobe lighting.
Though, he used natural lighting to produce this wonderful and thought-provoking image, he went to great lengths to capture the final outcome. Having taken a look at other photographs by him that were also featured in the gallery, I must say, this image was unlike anything else he produced. Through editing, he managed to recreate the image as a painting, where the naked subject appeared to be drawn into the image. When he explained to me that the entire image was completely digital imagery, I was blown away. I would not have known otherwise, had he not informed me.
Continuing on, I learned that he detailed the subject's outline with sharp black contour lines, which gave the drawn in effect. Her skin was the color of golden red, as if she were drawn by colored pencil. She contrasted with the other colors featured in the image; vibrant shades of blue, which flowed down from the wall and onto the floor. Gaining inspiration from this image, I decided to delve more into the works of Cliff Whittaker. He was very generous, as he continued to talk with me more about other productions he had featured in the gallery.
"Room with a Blue Floor," another photograph, by Cliff also makes use of the wonderful effect of natural lighting. The light filters elegantly through the windows located behind the subject on both sides; almost mirroring each other. The subject, a nude woman stands in the middle of the room, covering herself respectively; giving the impression of innocence. The floor she stands on is well-illuminated by the light that flows in behind her. Moreover, surrounding the subject on the floor in a circle, is a blue tone that fades into the light. The hue is almost a baby blue, which adds even more...

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