Review Of Facilitation Of Afforestation By Lupinus Nootkatensis And By Black Plastic Mulch In South West Iceland

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The study completed by Riege & Sigurgeirsson (2009), examined whether Nootka lupine or black plastic mulch facilitated life better in a variety of plants; including, Sitka spruce, Hooker willow, and downy birch in harsh conditions. The goal of the study was to evaluate which method was most ideal for improving afforestation in hostile environments (Riege & Sigurgeirsson, 2009). The current experiment was completed in 2002 at the Keflavik International Airport, in Iceland.
The study examines how well black plastic mulch was able to facilitate in tree seedling establishment. It is noted that plastic mulch “increases soil temperature and moisture, and handles frost well; which, works great in Iceland’s volcanic origin (Riege & Sigurgeirsson, 2009). The hypothesis for the study states that “plastic mulch may be more effective than lupine for establishment of willow and burch” (Riege & Sigurgeirsson, 2009). The experimental sites included areas of lupine of different densities in semi barren and moss heath cover environments (Riege & Sigurgeirsson, 2009). Each experiment was designed so that the hypotheses of the survival and rate of growth of the tree seedling were measured from use of lupine and the black plastic mulch.
There were four different conditions in the experiment. The control condition was the seedlings were in non-lupine. The three experimental conditions known as the treatment condition were the seedlings of picea, salix, and betula, were subjected to each of the following groups; (1) in a lupine cover, (2) were pressed down in lupine cover, and lastly (3) in black plastic mulch in non-lupine cover (Riege & Sigurgeirsson, 2009). The reason the control condition was non-lupine is because the control group will ensure the results obtained in the experiment are due to the experimental condition. The reason that there are three experimental conditions is to compare each factor grows the seedlings best, which then would...

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