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Review Of Findings

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Mak, Chiang Leung, Chui & Leung (2013, p.1184) state that “Life-long learning involves the development of skills in critical thinking (CT), effective group process (GP), and self-directedness (SDL)”. To develop such a sentence, research must of been done on lifelong learning. From my research that I have conducted, I can say my questions have not been completely answered. However, my research has shown that reading is a cognitive task the involves critical thinking and lifelong learning in the area of reading over a person’s life.

The research assignment started off with one basic question, How do you effectively teach reading in a primary school setting? To develop a deeper understanding ...view middle of the document...

Hiebert (2009) outlined multiple factors that affect the ways teachers taught reading to their students. Student engagement was a factor that affected the way reading was taught. The observation of a grade three student enrolled in an inner- Melbourne school, showed the important’s of student engagement. It was shown by, the student completing Fountas and Pinnel test with the teacher. She would often be distracted by the teacher marking the assessment criteria next to her. In addition the student would often look up at other students. From this, I have concluded that when students find difficulties when reading texts they will often get distracted and lose comprehension as they are unable to cognitive think and make connections with the text and the meaning of the text. Therefore, teachers must be trained and be given the opportunity to develop their skills so that they can support and teach an effective reading curriculum. One of the interviewee’s gave insight into the professional development that teachers were currently undertaken at a public government school in Melbourne. It is being a greater focus on assessing more of the student comprehension and to ensuring their teaching is meaningful and not one-dimensional. Graham et al (2012) explained that, the one-dimensional model of reading is when students can just memorise words and not develop an understanding into the meanings of words.

One of the questions I designed was, why is reading so important? This big picture...

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