Analysis Of Group Work

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Analysis of Group Work

In the APS module, we have been allocated into different groups, and
my group number is 48, our tutor is Barbara Allan. The contact numbers
of the members were given and we were asked to finish a project on a
team basis by using the information we learnt in this module.

2. Working process and group development

Initially I was really excited about this group work. As a foreigner,
this was a good opportunity to practice my communication skills and
group working skills. Consequently, I tried to contact our members by
sending text messages and arranged the first informal meeting by the
following week. Bass and Ryterband indicated that as "initial
development of trust and membership" (Martin, J, 2002, P.191): when
people meet up at first time, they always try to build trust and
confidence to each other in order to prepare for the future work.

Based on Belbin's the nine-team roles theory, my group was dominated
by certain people who took the responsibilities, such as our
coordinator and secretary. The rest of us were team worker, and
responsible for researching and another member did the Website.
Obviously, my group member built awareness of the group's aims and
shared goals. In addition, every member also knew their established
roles within the group and acted accordingly. Ideally, this should
have been accomplished in the "storming' stage" of group formation.
(Martin, J, 2002, P.192)

The title of this project was "the impact of terrorism on tourism in
UK." After we had decided, the title was separated into many parts and
everyone needed to do one. My task was to find out the reasons why the
terrorism existed in the UK. Firstly, I did some research from the
Internet, I collected some articles and found several websites that I
thought may be useful for our project, but I recognised that I had
absolutely no idea as there were too many details and events under
this title; I did not know where to start. Then I understood it was
extremely difficult to get my task finished without any clear target.
Therefore, I chose "9/11"event as my topic and I found it was easier
for me to do the research again. Secondly, I had also read newspapers
and try to find some more information relevant.

3. Difficulties and weaknesses

During the process, we also had many problems and difficulties. For
example it was difficult to gather all the group members, the whole
team lacked the ability to sit down and plan together efficiently.
Especially, it was very difficult to set up the meeting time, because
some people in the group did not always show up in the regular
meetings. Even some of our members I just met just once. Therefore, we
needed to rearrange our meetings again and again. It...

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